This week i was interviewed by the beautiful soul, Iona Russell for Wholehearted Living Summit. 

In preparation for the interview I reflected on what it means to live wholeheartedly.  We all have our own unique way of expression.  These are mine.  I share them with the intention that it will prompt you to consider yours.  Conscious evolution at its best.

Living wholeheartedly means:-

  • to live with trust, follow your intuition and allow flow and grace into your life.  
  • Identify fear and replace with fearlessness, courage and embrace the outcomes.  Everything is a learning experience.  
  • most of all have fun, peace and balance.


3 tips on how to live a Whole Hearted Life

  • Trust your body, listen to nudges, especially if it knocks loudly from the inside/out (i.e.. pain)
  • Adopt a spiritual practice that makes you feel good and releases the fear when it seeps in.
  • Learn something new each day – it will fill you up and then share it.

Spiritual Practice supports whole hearted living by expanding awareness and delivering conscious evolution.

A Spiritual Practice can be as simple as 3 long deep breaths.  Add gratitude and intention.  One of my favourites 

  1. The first breath is to have gratitude for all I have learnt.
  2. The second breath is to have gratitude for all  I am learning.
  3. The third breath is to have gratitude for all that I will learn.


Remember to:-

  • Always choose you.  
  • Be sacred with your energy and everything else will fall into place with grace and ease.

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor supports women to know their bodies, trust their wisdom and speak to their soul.   Maria teaches and guides her clients to a place of inner trust, stability, peace and balance. She teaches how to access intuition and all about unique energy pathways. Her approach is simple, practical and down to earth. After 30+ years of teaching, she has some inspirational stories to tell. Maria is the divine mother earth energy and gives the biggest, most loving connected hugs.  Join her fabulous Maverick Manifestor community to receive and heal – click here