You do need to light that candle! And… You will often hear me say this with an added superlative for emphasis, starting with F and ending with g. 

It is an altruistic yet practical, ancient wisdom and magic that has worked since time immemorial. It’s the best ritual to manifest with. It’s an easy practice, yet somehow, we discount and even resist it.

We get caught up in the noise of our daily grind. We forget the best part of spirituality and connection to our soul is the simple things, like lighting a candle to show and guide the way.

Sometimes it is that simple.

So why – if it’s so easy – do we not light the candle?

  • Because it takes time.
  • Because we don’t have candles.
  • Because we are not prepared.
  • Or because we don’t believe it will do any good or be any different.

Well, I am here to say that I felt all of this. But since I’ve been lighting my candle, teaching, guiding, and mentoring others to light their candles, their world has transformed. That’s the power of practising fire magic.


Why is fire such a powerful and magical element? 

Fire brings us back to homeostasis. Along with our breath, it can have a regulatory effect on our central nervous system. This, in turn, will support expanding our energy to co-create with the Universe. 

Fire activates the laws of Vibrationnothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates – Rhythm –  everything flows, rhythm compensates, – and Correspondence – as above, so below; as below, so above –, which are three of the seven Natural Laws that make the Hermetic Principles.

The candle’s flame embodies all the magical principles of fire, but it also has its own magical qualities. It is the engine itself, it’s the ignition, and it’s ancient. When striking two rocks against each other or when rubbing wood, fire is ignited, and the First Flame is made. When we light a candle, it carries that ancient wisdom with it. 

The Flame is mesmerising. Have you ever watched a fire flame? When we focus on a flame, we can actually direct the energy. We can make it smaller, or we can make it bigger. We can also become aware of the hue around it. That violet hue has healing qualities, and it refers to Saint Germain’s flame, the flame that transforms and transmutes negative energy into positive energy. It returns things to their original pure state. 

All this magic and wisdom gets ignited whenever we light a candle. We aren’t always aware of this, but when we focus on the flame and its hue, something shifts within us. There’s a mesmerising focus, an ability to concentrate and find clarity suddenly comes to us. 

This process is expansive; it’s almost as if we are taking big cosmic breaths each time we light a candle. Its magic is beyond this world. That’s why we light candles, we connect to Spirit, and we can see our path moving forward. It’s a magical process in itself.

If you don’t believe me, test and measure yourself. 

Light your candle.


Here’s a ritual for manifestation using a candle:  

  • Dedicate one candle.
  • Set your intention.
  • Give it light.
  • Give it three breaths daily.
  • Watch your intention materialise.
  • Do this for 3, 10, or 30 days.
  • Start with something small, so you can believe it’s possible. 

Once you have evidence, you will be compelled to keep lighting your candles.

Oh, and I must tell you, if you can make your own candles, even better. Or buy them from a magical person who infuses them with magic as they are being poured. Yep, that’s what I do and teach my clients to do.

A little caveat:

The intention won’t materialise like you think it will. It will be delivered in a slightly “out of the box” way. I have found that this is the spirit-led guidance that expands our world to receive from unknown and untold sources. This way, we know that we are always supported. All we have to do is ask and light the way.  

Stay curious. Stay open.


Whatever you do – light your candles. It is the best and the simplest way to manifest!

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