As a Medical Intuitive, I see the way we think about our bodies everyday and how this creates havoc within our physiology.

  • How these thoughts land.
  • How the body reacts and cellular damage occurs.
  • Your body is resilient, intelligent and very adaptable.

balanceHere are 3 quick reframes to love your body more than you ever have before.

1. Watch and listen to your thoughts.

Listen with your ears and your auric field. A simple energetic abundance. This has the same effect of watching but with another sense.  Witnessing and transcending, then neutralising.

After all, They are only thoughts wanting a voice and be acknowledged,

Once this occurs – the cells are released from the burdens of carrying the thoughts around. Creating lightness and freedom. Not always easy but oh so freeing.

2. Feel your feelings.

This can be challenging because sometimes they are really icky. But feeling them is a pathway out and transcendence through you cells rather than getting stuck in the cell. Growing until the feelings create dis-ease.

family3. Move your body.

Your cells want air, energy and blood flow. The profit from simple movement far outweighs the investment. Movement can include walking, running, yoga, pilates – do something you enjoy – your body mind and soul will receive it with glee.

Love you body with a purity of essence as the day it was created. It succumbs to so much disharmony, imbalance and scrutiny. Enjoy the miracle of function and the joy of being.

If you are stuck energetically, book in for a Medical Intuitive Session. The guidance will be a pathway towards energy, understanding and appreciation of the miracle that you are.