What does Bandwidth and Energy have in common?


Have you ever received message “internet connection unstable”?  What does this have to do with energy?  

There is a correlation between the bandwidth and energy.  Here is a video where I describe this correlation.

It’s a 3 step process.

  • Contraction
  • Integration
  • Expansion

Same with expanded energy and vibrations – it’s important to feel safe when you are expanding and attracting more clients, more visitors, more of what you have been working towards – yes towards your success.

electricity-705670_1920There is a saying that is bandied around “new level, new devil”.  So if you are feeling excessively expanded and bandwidth (vibrations) is unsteady – take a moment and ground.

Go through the 3 steps – contract, integrate and then expand.

This process will steer you towards expanded awareness and ultimately to your success.

If you are interested in more join us in the Business of Healing Facebook Group where we share from a expanded awareness and provide support to feel safe in the world of Business of Healing.


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3 things you should know about Channeled Light Language

When I was first introduced to Channeled Light Language, I was sitting in a Medical Intuitive Class and all of a sudden, 4-5 students stood up and began talking this weird incoherent language or noises, whilst the rest of the class was paying close attention.

I was like, what is happening, have I entered another paradigm – are we here?  I know I am but where are they?

They had definitely shifted.

It felt very alien.

Fast forward 4 years and I too channel light language.  It’s not something I advertise until now.  It took me a while to appreciate the effectiveness and the impact of the light language and healing.

In my sessions, it was easy to channel and provide this healing as part of the matrix of tools, I have available.

So I went and researched why and what is it?

It is another healing tool, based on sound and frequency.  It has been used for centuries across all traditions, including Shamans, Greek and Egyptian Mythology.

Light language varies from activator to activation.  It can sound like animal sounds, clicks, pulses, tones, songs and spoken dialects.

It is not a language like we know it, it is a tonal, a frequency that has a healing effect and supports your cellular matrix to energise, become whole and complete.

3 things you should know about Channeled Light Language

It is different

It is ancient

It is wise

and bonus it is sacred

light language

Channeled Light Language is based on frequency and tonal vibrations.  So it is vibrational medicine at its best.  It shifts your current cellular status and introduces new vibrational quality to the cells

It is the voice or language of light.  It offers ancient wisdom.  Receiving the light and directing it to heal.  It is an activation and a code

It provides powerful transformation in mind and body.

As I was researching for this blog, I came across this quote which resonates completely – especially “to code your body directly into Light”.  I have witnessed this as my clients have received their transmissions, during the Medical Intuitive sessions.

There are no words to really articulate what light language is but there is a deep resonance that commits me to trust this miraculous and channeled healing language.

“The energy words are to be used to code your body directly into the Light. They also provide the sound vibrations of greeting and protection…To place these ancient energy words into English, modern Indo-European languages or some other language, would deprive consciousness of a direct experience with the power of the sacred language. Transposing these words would cause them to lose their energy pulse, which is similar to the symphonic song of a musical masterpiece transposed out of its original key into a strange cacophony.”    www.keysofenoch.org


So as much I feel a “different”, even a little “crazy” for channeling this light language, after an initiation, I am now ready to share this frequency healing with you.  As a channel, this is my soul calling.

Light language in itself remains a sacred mystery.  But for those of us who are channeling light language for healing, it is a miraculous tool.   If you would like to receive a Channeled Light Language Transmission for Manifesting – click here.  Many Blessings.

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Where do you find the Master Healing Chambers?

aurora-borealis-744351_1920After decades of searching on the outside, from external sources, I have discovered the unique Master Healing Chambers. 

Where do you think they are located? 

Sure you can visit temples, churches, sacred monuments, and so many other variations of these. Have you? I have! 

Now, I know where the Master Healing Chambers are. They are in every cell of your body. 

They are ignited through thought, intention and healing. Healing clears the space. The space is then infused with light.

Sacred intention is the secret sauce. Yep – hold the intention. If you can’t hold it because fear has seeped in, in a big way – it happens. Then ask someone else to hold the space for you. 

This is when you go to a healer (or me a Medical Intuitive). 

Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to heal but sometimes, it can take an hour with the right person. 

So what does healing mean to you?

rays-656582_1280It can mean

  • remembering who you are, what you are;
  • holding space to allow other room to find their wounds and mend them
  • administering change and transformation
  • acknowledge the part disconnected in pain to then reconnect through love to become whole
  • a different colour
  • journey to become whole and complete
  • healing is a lot about acceptance and trust
  • always coming back to love
  • moving beyond hurt
  • free to thrive
  • sometimes it means just being ok. No extremes, no radical transformations. Just being ok
  • the moment of peace

Have you journeyed to your master healing chambers? Some of us have many times. For some things it takes a life time but for others there are many layers to explore. Journey daily and you will feel lighter and energetic.

Remembering that awareness is the key and transformation the gift. Conscious evolution the result.

If you would like to journey to your Master Healing Chambers – click here.

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Manifesting and Healing


What have Manifesting and Healing got to do with each other? 

It has to do with hope. When you have hope – you co-create a reality that you are comfortable, safe and secure living with.

That’s why I created the Maverick Manifestor community.   I believe we all have our own unique style. Hence Maverick. (there is little more to the naming my community which I share with you in community.)

The Manifesting – every time you manifest, you heal – the hurt of not receiving, of not being good enough, of not feeling secure and not safe. The wound runs deep – so what if you did simple small steps that create the pathway to big results.   That is my motto and that’s how I live my life. 

How do you live yours?  Take a big breath before you answer.

One small thing you can do is work with the moon cycles and the energy around the moon.

I work with the Full Moon and the New Moon. Astrology plays a part too but I only know the basics so it is not something I teach. But I am certainly guided by it. It never steers me wrong. It always provides answers. And creates hope. Hope creates space on a cellular level. 

Three things hope creates on a physiological level

  1. Allows for you to breathe deeply
  2. Expands your lung capacity and massages your heart
  3. It clears your lymphatics 

We can also talk about emotional wounds and karmic debt. When we have hope, we are more likely to take inspired action. Want to support our healing. Ask and you shall receive. Its amazing what happens when you think of the right question to ask. The answer comes almost immediately. 

For now – what are small steps that you can take to clear any energy that is blocking your future? I sincerely mean that – take one tiny step today – it could be writing out a cheque. A simple, effective and really magical experience. I have used it and continue to use it. Play is very important to feeling hopeful. Start to play with the magic around you. It is amazing what happens when you anchor hope in your cells. Your energy expands and your healing begins. Try it!!! 

I send out full moon and new moon rituals. I have just recorded a New Moon Ritual – click here to receive it.  I am working on the Full Moon Ritual now – so stay tuned.




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17 simple uses for Coconut Oil

I am loving using Coconut oil for my skin, hair, digestion – wow – it really is a miracle cure.

Do you love coconut?   I love eating coconut and now I love rubbing it on my skin to support healing.  It has eradicated sunspots, helped soothe sunburn, used as a hair bath has created shiny hair.  I love it in my coffee too.  

How many ways can one use coconut oil to heal, be healthier, to heal specific skin conditions, hair damage and so much more.

coconut-milk-1623611_1920Here are 17 simple ways of using coconut oil daily.

  1. skin moisturiser
  2. make up remover
  3. keep a jar in the shower and apply directly to skin 
  4. fades skin sun spots
  5. hair mask – over night hair treatment
  6. on cuts and scars for healing
  7. combine with concealer to create foundation for the day
  8. Brush your teeth
  9. cook and bake
  10. morning coffee
  11. on toast
  12. carrier oil for essential oil
  13. lip balm
  14. skin rashes
  15. helps with cellular regeneration 
  16. dry skin patches
  17. sun burn


Always use your discernment and test your skin before you use it.

I am loving using coconut oil.  My goal is to eliminate all chemicals from my life.  Coconut oil is so versatile – it almost feels like a natural miracle cure.

If you would like to receive more juicy information about natural, simple and holistic alternatives to healing and health, click here and receive a free gift.

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Emotional Wellness and Losing Weight

I was so honoured to be a guest on the Awakened Goddess Show, hosted by Angela Wilkinson.

Angela summarised what was covered – go this page to find out more.

“Today’s Conversation is About:
  • How our emotions play affect wellness and dis-ease.
  • 3 simple healing practices Maria recommends.
  • What is zero point?
  • What does having a frozen shoulder mean?
  • Fascinating 4’s about the High heart.
  • Why if you don’t feel safe you won’t be able to loose weight.
  • What salt and sugar cravings are about?
  • Symptoms of adrenal fatigue.
  • Check with your health providers before taking supplements.
  • This crystal can disrupt your sleep.
  • 4 simple ways to decalcify the pineal gland.
  • A self-care practice you can do in less than 1 minute!”

It was such a joy to share this information.  I hope you enjoy it too and that you receive some aha moments.


If you have any questions or would like to know more about any of the topics discussed, please reach out. Here is a blog on the Endocrine System (a basic summary).

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When the dark veil of illusion hits . . .

I am sitting across the desk from a doctor – a specialist in hormones, whom I have visited to regulate my hormones. This not so gentle prompt was received by lack of energy, a symptom.

I ask her to help me with my insomnia. She asked how long has it been occurring. I said for a long time off and on (13+ years).

She said it would difficult to treat but she would give it a go.

The veil came down in that moment. FAILURE!!!!!!!!

cloud-1232041_1920I had failed my body and my body has failed me.

My energy had been waning for 2 months before but the dark hole was deep.

I could not see any light. My body was screaming.

My soul was whispering “rest”.

My nervous system was sending unbalanced signals which kept me tired and foggy, lacking clarity and directionless. And close to broke and so much debt.

What to tackle first.

It was unclear.

My health?

My wealth?

So with her advice, I started to take lots of Vitamin D and other supplements. I underwent a battery of tests.

I decided with a gentle nudge from my Mentor to take a block of time to recover.  Which I have planned.

Now the veil is still I illusion. I am denying and resisting the dark dog and have forgotten to be compassionate.

My judgment of not being able to do it “succeed in my eyes on my terms with my expectations” is so strong that it keeps me twirling and rescinding into the vortex of the black hole.

I have even noticed that my breath pattern is very shallow. Keeping flow to a minimum.

What to do?

Just one step at a time.

The first step has been to follow the nudge and prepare myself for time off. Feels like an oxymoron because I am here in my home, taking time off to pause. I haven’t done this before. I have only ever taken time off and gone away. Part of me screams but you are here, why don’t you work, keep appointments (it’s fun anyway). But part of me knows that I need to take a pause, reflect and be still.

Even this idea and surrendering to it has created space in my body and soul.

So with this I have planned to take 10 days off and go with the flow. It feels right.

Another step is to continue with my meditation – focussing on my breath.

Prayer has been wonderful. Handing it over to a higher power. Not needing to control anything – releasing the expectation.

Gratitude – seeing all the things I am deeply grateful for in my life. Returning me to a state of grace.  I truly believe that this practice alone has relieved me of my physical pain too.

The veil has lifted and I am feeling energised and ready to be supported and to support again.

I’m back and it feels great

enlightenment and growthOn reflection – it’s been a pretty tough time.

The biggest things I want to share is that when I was with the doctor, I gave away all my power – willing to believe that my body and I was less than.

My expectations far exceeded my reality – bridging the gap was vital to achieving resonance and balance.

Reaching out to others for support was crucial to release the shame.

Finding compassion within gave me peace.

Experiences are neither good or bad – they are all part of the journey that create the “real you”  And so it is . . .

If you are experiencing the dark veil of illusion, reach out to others who are there to support you to see the light. It is no fun being there on your own.  If you are ready to go deeper and shine the light on the root cause, then I invite to work to come and work with me  Click here to book your Medical Intuitive Session.  

 Light is so much better. Life is simple and so profound. Blessings.

2 thoughts on “When the dark veil of illusion hits . . .

  1. Sally Kingsford-Smith


    sending much love and light. I had missed your blog and glad I read it now – I'm glad you will take time to self care but at the moment of reading this – while I felt compassion for you I also wanted to reach out and shake some sense into that doctor for saying "it will be difficult". That's tantamount to pointing a bone at someone. Her first duty of care was to give you hope, not a sense of failure – so grrrrr, I rage. And then think – hey Maria needs to hear healing words not be bothered with me being pissed off. So, sorry hon for my little vent of rage.
    Be kind to yourself, rest and enjoy all the love and healing that is being sent your way by all.

    1. Maria Post author

      Hi Sally
      This is so gorgeous. Yes it took me a little time to process through that sense of "oh no" this is it. But I am back better than ever. Appreciative of all those enlightened beings around me, including you, lighting the path forward. Love, Maria xx


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Dead Man Walking

I didn’t know whether to laugh at the irony or cry.  I just sat there, stunned and in disbelief.  So many emotions. I was grateful, appreciate, curious and somewhat incredulous. What . . . ????!!!!!!!!!

I went away and came back with a diagnosis of Leaky Gut, Adrenal Fatigue, thyroid dysfunction, hormonal imbalance, low iron, hypoglycaemia and amazement.

How could I run a marathon when I was combatting all of those ailments.

I walked out and said “dead man walking”. That’s how I felt. I was incredibly curious how I could have completed the marathon with all these conditions.

I am still stunned. Not sure what to say. My adrenalin levels are so high that my digestion has shut down. My body is starving and holding on to all that it has. It can not release anything until it has been replenished. I have a plan and an astonishing insight.

I concluded that the body – my body is amazing but my mind is the most amazing wonderful integrative machine I have.

It’s time to heal.


At some level I knew that my energy level was not normal. I have a strong constitution, which I am very proud of but now it’s time to harness the feminine energy and nurture myself. Tap into the intrinsic need of my cellular body.

To create space and nourishment at all levels, mind, body and soul.

So what does this look like?

My diet will be modified.

Boundaries, including work hours and sleep time will be monitored. Oh – I am insomniac too.

What else can I do?

I can feel

Be observant

Become curious – even more than before.

Does this mean I have to stop running? On the contrary I must continue but no long runs until my body recovers. Only 30 mins runs or 5km – no longer.

I want to really congratulate my body for all its efforts. I want to shine a light on the mind and how amazing it really is. We can create anything we put our mind to. We have this wonderful ability of freedom to choose and then follow through. Our soul is the driver. It’s time to rest and bless my cells.

funAction now is fun. Releasing the need to do. And enjoying the pleasure in being.

If you are resonating with any of my journey – go to the Drs and eliminate all the autoimmune diseases because you deserve to have energy and to thrive.

Or if you’ve been diagnosed with any of the autoimmune diseases – I hope that you find the clarity and the inspired action to resolve the cellular dysfunction.

My biggest aha – if I am dead man walking and still feel great, imagine how much energy I will have as My body recovers.

I honestly love my body and all it has accomplished. It’s time to love it back.

With love, Maria

2 thoughts on “Dead Man Walking

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Don’t Judge Me

Do you ever judge yourself?

In my training program for the New York Marathon, I completed 3X30kms runs. The last 2 X 30kms training runs were plagued with judgment. It was heavy, dense and tough.

Even with all that judgment, I found the resolve to complete the task ahead. That was the triumph – it felt regenerating, reinvigorating and it was like I was reinventing me. It felt fantastic.

30km Posts – it was raw

“Oh my God – I DID IT 30km ‪#‎inthebank‬ it started not as I had hoped “the not enough” thoughts were dogging me for most of the way – not fast enough, not light enough and lots of different versions along the way. I felt heavy, depleted and battered from the inside. I did some healing work on me, then it was focus and one step after another. The only way to transcend these feelings and thoughts is to feel them rather than resist. I felt them – it made it my hardest run to date. But I have to say it was also my best. The only way to quieten ego and fear is show it that it is false – not true. When I got home, all those feelings were no longer present. The feelings of triumph, excitement and success surfaced and it feels amazing. ‪#‎inspired‬ ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


“6x5kms done ‪#‎inthebank‬ At 20km called my coach (Kevin) and he gave me the option – if I couldn’t go on to stop – I said – no, I know that is not an option – i changed the route – thought yep that’s a great option – this gave me energy – adventure vibes (forgot about the fatigue) then the Universe said oh I’ll help you out – thank you – I was checking out the scenery, my friend Robyn called out my name – I thought it was a mirage but it was real so we chatted for another 4km – woohoo – now I had 6 to go – with a bit of grunt, determination and perseverance yep – you got it 30km (I think I did a little over, but whose counting?!) #inthebank ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


How does the shadow Judge turn up in your life?

I did some deep internal work (healing this shadow aspect) to find out why the judge has been so vocal. It has been showing up a lot lately – so it was time to thank it and help it move on.

After digging deep, I found that the shadow Judge helps me with 3 motivators, which are crucial when it comes to achieving my goal. So in fact it has a big role in my personal development.

My 3 motivators fuelled by the Judge

  1. Resolve, dig deep and find something new
  2. Tenacity – to keep going – way beyond my comfort zone
  3. Drive – the fuel that keeps me going.

Our shadow aspects can be good for us too.

They help us achieve, beyond our wildest dreams. I found this new insight has provided me with a sense of peace and calm. Because no matter what contrast presents, I know I have the tools to cope with it. Contrast supports me to grow – thank you and release it.

How do you release contrast?

It is a 3 phase approach.

  • name it,
  • describe it
  • release it

This is not an easy process. It is deep and sometimes has to be dug out – ready to be released and then some shifts occur for it to release. But after having said all that, I can attest that the insights are profound. The lessons acknowledged and the achievements celebrated.

The tough part of this is releasing. You know I have been there and done that – I get it, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The embodiment of the shadow aspect can create havoc with us on a very cellular level, which manifests in energy variances and physical symptoms.

Need some help with this – this is what I do – help you release the contrast from your life. Check out the Medical Intuitive Session here.

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I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

What’s with that??????

In 2013 I went to India. I was there for 2 weeks.  I was invited to be a speaker at an International Conference, LifeBloom.  I was excited to be sharing my work and taking it to the world.


I thought India was an adventure and a time of self discovery.  India offered incredible divine spots and also not so divine too, it was eclectic, diverse, colourful and intriguing.

It was a time of spiritual transformation, energy clearing, healing, self discovery and divine sacred support.

So today I was reflecting.

When did I start saying Namaste?

When did I bring my hands together in a gesture of connection, humility and presence?

buddha-504204_1280I am an Italian Catholic – what!!?

It was that journey that cemented my desire to go deeper with my spiritual transformation. As well as discover my offerings to humanity and stay true to my calling.

Wow what does that even mean?

I don’t need to know now but years ago I would have found it airy fairy and not real. Today it so real I can taste it.

The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism.

But from someone who has been there and felt all that at her core, it has been an amazing journey through to the other side. To wonder, gratitude, love, surrender and flow.

Which brings me back to Namaste – it is an all encompassing greeting and salute. Almost a salvation. It is

I am not a yogi. I am an ordinary woman who has now awakened to her spirituality. Do you need to be anyone other than yourself? I say if it calls and it feels right, use it, do it.

Be seen my friend. It is so much easier to be you and be true.

“My soul honours your soul.  

I honour the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me.

In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us.

We are the same.  

We are one.”


2 thoughts on “I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

  1. Jayne

    This gave me goosebumps reading it! I've finally realized (or is that 'admitted' ;)) I am on that journey and I boy do I really get this… "The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism." …mostly from me…to me!

    I look forward to where this enlightenment is taking me. I'm filled with deep gratitude for what it has already show me and given me permission to let go.

    Thanks for sharing your journey and running alongside with those of us on ours.

    Namaste xx


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