One if the things I see in my practice as a Medical Intuitive is disconnection to the physical body.

This is how it pans out –

I ask “do you feel that?”

Response – “No – no I don’t!”

After a couple of seconds the neural synapse will wake up and the client will feel the energy disturbance and say “oh wow – i do feel it”

You might be questioning whether this is suggestion, but from my experience as a Medical Intuitive and in my previous roles as Remedial Massage Therapist, Pilates Instructor and Personal Trainer, I have seen 1000s of dormant fibres which simply switch off when the screaming phase has been ignored long enough. White rage is the next phase. A silent but deadly phase.  This is when dis-ease creeps in.

I urge you to listen to the messages. They are simple to uncover and recover from at this “slight niggle” phase.

Please note that the body is where your subconscious thoughts, beliefs and ultimately self limiting behavioural patterns land. Your body is your story. What is your body telling you? Here are 3 things you can do to connect to your body on a daily basis.


1. The breath. Follow the breath pattern when you breathe in. This creates awareness, clarity and space in your cells. Many common dis-eases begin with shallow breathing – not enough essential oxygen nutrients being delivered to the cells. This creates a build up of toxic carbon dioxide – the energetic pollutant.


2. Check in where your feet are. This grounds you immediately. Many people who are disconnected from their body live in the upper 3 chakras with a disregard (not intentionally – mainly because of the ‘not know element) to the lower fundamental chakras (energy systems).

Become curious how your foot hits the ground when you are walking or running or simply standing. Where is the weight? Heels, toes, inside, outside or mid section?  This simply inventory will create awareness and immediately connect you to your body and your base chakra – creating an invigorating reception for more energy filtering through to your body.


3. Balance of weight – symmetry – left and right side.  This is best done lying down. Check in with the balance of weight in your left and right side of the body.  Begin at the heels and just do a somatic exploration. Is there more weight on the left or right side? Most people with energy disturbances will follow patterns. These patterns may be linear – all on one side which tells a story or a zig zag pattern which tells another story.

balanceTry it. Lie down and check in. The awareness is the first part of balancing the body’s functional performance as well as integrating energy – divine feminine and masculine energy.

There you go – 3 simple practices that will awaken your dormant neural synapses, create balance and improve function. Connect to your body, it has your back and definitely has all the answers you will ever need, throughout your life. Your body is the barometer of your soul. Enjoy it, nurture it and nourish it – it will only serve you.