Do you feel it? Have you felt it? New Healers are being anointed, chosen!
Let’s face it for us who have been in the game a while, we know!! That healers are chosen. No one grows up to say I want to be healer. It’s a vocation that has a universal directive. And is sent with a multitude of learnings along the way.
The new healer I’m seeing is inundated with an influx of energies. Massive surge. Dialling up frequency. Light emanating from their cells constantly.

It’s beautiful to witness.

But what I’m also witnessing is the effect on the healer. There is a lot more fatigue, overwhelm and all sorts of energy disturbances. This new healer is receiving the gift of healing but does not know how to harness this powerful gift.
The new healer may only want to give. Because it feels soooo good, but then they are depleted. Their personal energy is depleted.

To the mothers of the new healers…

A few things for the mothers of these newly emerging healers: (and to new healers themselves too!) Help them ground. Stay in the room. Because of their super psychic powers they are likely to fly energetically. Wander if you like. They will be astral travelling at night. And seeing visions across dimensions in the day time.
They will know a lot more than we ever did. But too fast and much. So they may struggle to make sense if it.

Here’s a few things that are useful

  • Grounding
  • Play
  • Craft
  • Invest in an aligned mentor who will hold your hand as you develop your craft. So you can manage the energies.
  • Explore energy realms
  • Develop one sensory stream at a time.
  • Play with the imagination world
  • Know when you are in the space in between.

It’s a multidimensional world out there.

Energy can have a way that can overwhelm. Be sure to get to know your energies well, and  know incoming energies too.

Create rituals that protect your space. And honour your gifts.

Now more than ever the world needs more healers. This influx of new healers are a god send. With a human element which needs developing and support. Blessings to all healers who step up and say I’m ready to heal the world. Build yourself a sacred container. And set in it. You can build a real one or a metaphoric one – either will work.
If you are experiencing new healing energies, and want to learn more about them please contact me, I can help.

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