I love words

Exploring how they sound when you say them out loud

The vibration of them

How they feel?

What is the resonance?

One of favourite words at the moment is “compassion.”


I am in love with the energetic portal that it opens to know your guidance and direction.

Because of you look at the first part of the word – it is “compass”

When I noticed this it opened up my world to really lean and experience compassion for self. Yep my own compassion. Keep it in house until you have mastered it and then send it to the world. I say this with compassion. Because energetic mastery and love, in its most profound state, starts from within.

So what starts to happen cellularly when you feel compassion? The heart wall starts to melt away. The courage builds. You see your direction clearly, your inner wisdom and guidance becomes available.

All this leads to being able to take the next steps on this incredible and exciting journey called life.

So if you are like I used to be, and don’t have time to think of these very “soft skills” think again or better still, feel into the tremendous honour that you grant yourself and your soul when you allow “compass – ion” in.

It’s a practice and it starts with a breath.

It is an objective and passive moment that requires little or no energy – just an observation and then a feeling of love to enter your whole body.

compass-ion Compassion negates judgment and bypasses ego.

It is a light energy.

It is patient.

It is loving.

It accesses God within.

So if you have read to this point, take a pause, feel compassion and notice the cellular lightness that transcends the moment. This is the soul greeting you.

By being compassionate to you, you start an enormous ripple effect for compassion for the world.

Honour YOU

Practice Compassion.

With serene salutation and love, Maria

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