Do you ever judge yourself?

In my training program for the New York Marathon, I completed 3X30kms runs. The last 2 X 30kms training runs were plagued with judgment. It was heavy, dense and tough.

Even with all that judgment, I found the resolve to complete the task ahead. That was the triumph – it felt regenerating, reinvigorating and it was like I was reinventing me. It felt fantastic.

30km Posts – it was raw

“Oh my God – I DID IT 30km ‪#‎inthebank‬ it started not as I had hoped “the not enough” thoughts were dogging me for most of the way – not fast enough, not light enough and lots of different versions along the way. I felt heavy, depleted and battered from the inside. I did some healing work on me, then it was focus and one step after another. The only way to transcend these feelings and thoughts is to feel them rather than resist. I felt them – it made it my hardest run to date. But I have to say it was also my best. The only way to quieten ego and fear is show it that it is false – not true. When I got home, all those feelings were no longer present. The feelings of triumph, excitement and success surfaced and it feels amazing. ‪#‎inspired‬ ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


“6x5kms done ‪#‎inthebank‬ At 20km called my coach (Kevin) and he gave me the option – if I couldn’t go on to stop – I said – no, I know that is not an option – i changed the route – thought yep that’s a great option – this gave me energy – adventure vibes (forgot about the fatigue) then the Universe said oh I’ll help you out – thank you – I was checking out the scenery, my friend Robyn called out my name – I thought it was a mirage but it was real so we chatted for another 4km – woohoo – now I had 6 to go – with a bit of grunt, determination and perseverance yep – you got it 30km (I think I did a little over, but whose counting?!) #inthebank ‪#‎2015NewYorkMarathon‬ ‪#‎mariaheals‬‪#‎maverickmanifestor‬ ‪#‎FFFF‬


How does the shadow Judge turn up in your life?

I did some deep internal work (healing this shadow aspect) to find out why the judge has been so vocal. It has been showing up a lot lately – so it was time to thank it and help it move on.

After digging deep, I found that the shadow Judge helps me with 3 motivators, which are crucial when it comes to achieving my goal. So in fact it has a big role in my personal development.

My 3 motivators fuelled by the Judge

  1. Resolve, dig deep and find something new
  2. Tenacity – to keep going – way beyond my comfort zone
  3. Drive – the fuel that keeps me going.

Our shadow aspects can be good for us too.

They help us achieve, beyond our wildest dreams. I found this new insight has provided me with a sense of peace and calm. Because no matter what contrast presents, I know I have the tools to cope with it. Contrast supports me to grow – thank you and release it.

How do you release contrast?

It is a 3 phase approach.

  • name it,
  • describe it
  • release it

This is not an easy process. It is deep and sometimes has to be dug out – ready to be released and then some shifts occur for it to release. But after having said all that, I can attest that the insights are profound. The lessons acknowledged and the achievements celebrated.

The tough part of this is releasing. You know I have been there and done that – I get it, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually. The embodiment of the shadow aspect can create havoc with us on a very cellular level, which manifests in energy variances and physical symptoms.

Need some help with this – this is what I do – help you release the contrast from your life. Check out the Medical Intuitive Session here.