26165833_10155604180542479_3197253846801062266_nLast night I received a beautiful insight into weight and why we hold onto it.

It has to do with the hunger cue – is it physiological or spiritual? 

What does the hunger cue feel like for you?

For me, when I felt into the depth of it – it felt desperate, like my breath was being taken away – felt deep – like a karmic wound. 

Last night I sat with it and didn’t react on impulse – allowed the feelings to come up. Became curious and whoa – so insightful. 

If you are carrying more weight than you would like to (like I am) listening to your body and discerning between spiritual and physical is a great step towards release.

Geneen Roth, author of “Women Food and God” speaks of the spiritual element of weight “issues.” In this book the author shares concepts that can be appreciated intellectually but to actively be inspired to follow them in the moment, is a learning curve. Being curious is the first step towards greater awareness of patterns and a clue to the layers of self sabotage.  It can be tough to follow through with what you know versus how the body reacts to its environment.

Taking a moment to pause, reflect, breathe, gives life to a new way of being. All you need to do is repeat often and create a new neural loop.  Awareness is the key. Inspired action is the step. Calling in awareness takes a moment and the result will be, breaking the feedback loop and creating a new you.

Another part of this exploration is to discern between physical hunger, spiritual hunger and emotional hunger and learning to feed the body physically only when it really needs it, and feeding the soul/spirit regularly with spiritual practice.  What spiritual practices have you introduced to your life or can you introduce to your life?

Some have reported to change the relationships with the sensation of hunger. As a result they move energy far differently than they experienced in the past. For example with the simple observation of a 48 hour fast monthly and intermittent fasting too. Others have said that this seems to reset the urgent need to eat too, that instant need to eat. Fasting has also healed low thyroid function 

Another resource is Julia Cameron’s Writing Diet. She uses journaling to access some of what you speak about here. Use it and discover why the cravings and patterns?   And there is also permission to eat food from childhood (mindfully, fully remembering what it brings up) and trying new foods on food dates. This book is similar to her famous Artists Way book, but all around food.

The processes shared in this book dovetailed nicely with using food as medicine. The cravings are messages about what the body is in need of for physical sustenance rather than emotional or spiritual sustenance.

Mirror work is another powerful tool to reveal any undercurrent stimulus to patterns and behaviour.  

Mother Earth offers many resources too. Think essential oils that stimulate the olfactory sensations.  Also think crystals which connect you to earth and grounding. Spiritual? Yes and physiological too!  The impact on senses can change the way you behave around food, therefore establishing healthier patterns and choices.

Then what about posture – something to say when the spinal – kundalini energetic challenge is kept clear and clean – do you have more flow? Yes! More energy? Yes!

When you explore the matrix of physical, emotional and spiritual components of weight and why weight, there is definitely a more graceful and longterm, sustaining approach to weight management. I am loving this journey – I hope you will too.

As I discover the spiritual component of weight, choices and freedom are on the increase. No more need for a quick fix. Compassion has been restored. Acceptance has been returned and love has been invited back. A much happier and more confident individual has been re-birthed.

If this is something you would like to explore, join me. I would love to connect. Click this link https://mariaheals.com/journeytoself/ to gain access to the workshop as well as other insights for a more graceful way of living.