Biomechanical and Metaphysical observation.

I am on my run and my right knee is talking to me. It talks to me when I get home too. You know when you go to get up.

I said to myself – – I am going to work this one out.

medical intuition wisdom knees

So I used essential oil (sacred frankincense – a wise oil), send white light healing and work out what is happening.

This morning I leaned into it.

Literally, I observed that my top half of my body was pushing forward (knees are about pushing and willpower – right side – masculine energy). I thought what would happen if I grounded and pulled up through the crown of my head so I would be more aligned.

The other thing I did was alignment and grounding through the base chakra – this balanced my hips. The weight was evenly distributed and the biomechanical alignment was back.

Guess what?!

The run was in flow, my knee is repairing and releasing the need to talk loudly from the inside/out.

Things are looking pretty good.

The answer to pain is to listen, become curious to the physical and metaphysical meanings and then adapt – change something – anything – but change is a breath of fresh air – ahhhh there you go – in other words flow.

Do you have knee issues – come and talk to me – there may be a beautiful insight you are missing.

Insights lead to healing and releasing.

Your body wants to support you – it is an amazing vessel.


Don’t stay in pain – it plays havoc with your nervous system and cellular body.

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