Yes that’s right – the need for immediate results!

This combined with so many choices, which actually should be freeing, creates anxiety, stress and energy deficiencies.  I see this in simple decision making processes I put to my clients. Totally unaware of the anxiety they are experiencing because there are so many choices.

It’s because we can achieve immediate results that spurs us on to want everything now.  For example, Google anything, phone anyone, talk to the world – all great things but has trained us to want things now.

So what am I seeing because of this? As a Medical Intuitive, I see clients for all sorts of illness, energy disturbances – spikes and lows, anxiety, lack of clarity, relationships  and the list goes on.


Clue: WHY?

But one thing they all have in common is that their expectations don’t equal their reality.

One reason is that sometimes the results wanted are not possible with the effort required and the effort committed. A disparity.

Because here’s the thing – if it’s energetic, the body adapts. Everyone adapts at different rates. So if results aren’t immediate, so then why bother.

If you tapped into your own ability to learn, release, adapt and just focus on this, with compassion, awareness and belief – as well as taking inspired action, you would eventually get the results you desire.


Take the marathon for instance. You can’t wake up tomorrow and decide you want to do a marathon today. Not possible – your body, mind and soul would rebel. This is such a parable for life and an amazing learning curve.

The same goes for any worthwhile project. Weight loss, Qualifications or Buying your Home. All take time.

But with planning, execution and inspiration – one step at a time – you CAN and WILL achieve anything.

My message is to take the stress out of life. Acknowledge your reality and work on your expectations. Do the work. What are the steps you can take and then what are the steps you need to take in order to achieve your desired results. Possible/probable?

path forward

I know anything is possible. I see miracles daily. When you work out your unique path, the magic will happen – your path will light up.