My experience with strolling beneath the skin was mind blowing, soul shifting and a synaptic evolutionary process.

It all started with watching a youtube video. Attending a conference. Awakening the hunger and the need to know more.

My Mentor and Teachers

My mentor and teachers have paved the journey into the physical and the metaphysical.


So the story begins in a Gross Medical Lab

metaphysical and physicalgross medical lab sign

A few years ago, I found myself in a gross medical anatomy lab. A lifeless physical body in front of me. I was standing there with a scalpel and hemostat. Ready for the journey. Ready to explore the physical body in the most profound, humbling and honoured experience. The exploration of strolling under the skin started with the first incision. Peeling back the skin, exposing the layers of matter. Anatomy, structure, lines, fascia, unknown, known, theorized facts, came to life in my hands.

As I peeled back the layers in front of me, I also peeled back my own layers. My protection, my shield and opened my heart to what is possible. To experiences beyond my wildest dreams.

Cathartic Process

Such a cathartic process! It felt like a rebirth.  Here I was thinking that I was quenching my thirst and curiosity to know more, help my clients and educate the masses. But I actually supported my own metamorphosis.

Feeding my soul, healing my past (my life and many past lives) and allowing potential and possibilities.

The physical matter is only one part of us. The spirit is a major component. In that wet lab, my spirit was soaring.

I flew into my future

The combination of physical and metaphysical.  My practice of being a Medical Intuitive was born.  Appreciating the energetic presences, the thought patterns. Seeing and feeling what these could do to the physical.


As I continue to feel, see, connect with souls, I am reminded and I go back to my time standing with the scalpel ready to peel back the layers – these are our stories. What stories are you telling and what story is your body portraying? The cells carry our stories, past, present and future. What are the choices you are making?

Back in the lab, I chose to accept, acknowledge and take inspired action. The first thing I did was forgive myself and appreciate me, for all that I am. Body, mind and soul.

This cathartic experience opened my heart to what is possible. It showed me that pain is temporary; honesty and choices will free us all permanently.