Thank you for helping me.

I just finished listening to Matt Kahn, a spiritual mentor and guide,  speak this phrase   It presented a real solution and invitation towards more enlightenment.  I wanted to share it with you.  I love it.  I am going to use this phrase.  How about you?  Will you give it go?  Let me explain why you may want to consider it.

This is a phrase of spiritual transformation, engagement and remembering.  I am feeling grateful for all my experiences.

This phrase will help shift to you to a new way of feeling and to prosperity consciousness. It is inspirational and lightness in one.

massage-599476_1280Try saying this phrase next time you are encountered by feelings that don’t align with your self. Feelings that are far removed from who you really are.  Think icky, confrontational, egoic, non truths, not liking, shame, guilt, triggers – all the stuff, us human need to transcend when we are challenged, pushed or misguided in any way.

Thank you for helping me

Say this when you encounter or interact with someone who is making you feel less than.

This diffuses the intensity of feelings. Helps you remember that you are a cellular being and neutralises the malignancy of thought towards yourself and the other person.

Everything is an experience. Everything works out.

Thank you for helping me.

Helping me see a part of me that needs to be loved and healed. Thank you for helping me remember so I can become aware and then release.

Thank you for helping me come back to a place of love.

Thank you for showing me where I need attention and show myself more love.

heart-799138_1280Thank you for helping me – say it next time you are in a place of forgetting the amazing love being that you are.

Becoming conscious to a process. This statement will support you in an amazing journey of spiritual transformation, cleansing you of past hurts, misunderstandings and incongruencies.

Thank you for helping me.

Want to know more watch this video by Matt Kahn. Enlightening, truth and paradigm shifting.

“Thank you helping me” is beautiful,  heartfelt and simple. Next time you are shown something in you that needs attention, say it – it will change your world and how you behave in it.

Thank you for helping me – very powerful, inducing and infusing a sense of peace, balance and love.

Blessings and thank you for helping me.