The Path of Change from Worrier to Warrior is described in my book.

However, there are more tools and resources I want to share with you.

Take the next step and continue your Worrier to Warrior experience with this webinar

Worrier to Warrior Path of Change

This special 3-part  Webinar will allow you you to deepen the journey I shared in my book “Worrier to Warrior”. You will find 5 videos and a workbook that help you apply different intuitive tools and resources. Each of the 3 parts of the webinar follow the same journey as the book.

This webinar will also guide you in a deeper and more personal use of the tools I included as resources for the book. The webinar helps you pull together all the different pieces through the Path of Change, in order to build the strength of the Warrior. 



Go deeper into the understanding that your body, your intuition, and your journey can show you. 


What are you ready and willing to let go? Discover how to embrace what the Worrier taught you. Then, get ready and make room for what you will need to become a Warrior. 


Who is a warrior? How can you learn to go back to your inner knowlege and tools to empower the Warrior? 

Worrier to Warrior Path of Change webinar materials

Start a path of change to become a powerful and magical warrior!

My journey was powerful. So powerful that it inspired me to write the book. But my grattitude for the lessons learned, inspired me to go deeper. The book is good! But, as many of my readers have expressed, it’s just the beginning.

That’s why I created a deeper journey, called the “Path of Change”.

This online webinar allows you to go deeper, with more tools, more resources and a deeper understanding of who you are.


Along with “Path of Change” I also made time and space to support those of you who want to go even deeper in their path.

You can book a special “Worrier to Warrior” Coaching Package, and make this your own opportunity to become a true warrior.

I will be honored to be a part of it!