Law of Attraction Freedom 2You don’t plan to be healed, it just happens.  We might hope but we never know when the penny will drop or the karmic lesson is going to release.  Trust, synchronicity and intuition – all ingredients in this healing.

I recently had the incredible unplanned delight in sitting in a workshop with the talented and generous spirited beautiful Alexandra Franzen – writer extraordinaire.

My attendance was unplanned but due to some synchronistic occurrences, I was able to attend.   Voila I sat there being mesmerized, whilst my heart was opened by genuine resolve to communicate from a heart space that is more than “the me or you” but incorporates the “we”.

I was there and I was ready to learn.

Write Yourself Into Motion

I was ready to write myself into motion, but had no idea how? But I didn’t expect that I would heal a longstanding karmic agreement. The wounded healer.


During the workshop, Alexandra demonstrated generosity and heart felt kindness with a poetry and prowess that transcended her years. There was a warmth and energy around Alexandra that felt healing.   But that wasn’t it.    It was the final hurrah that did it.

We did a lot of writing and Alexandra helped with editing. When Alexandra edited, it was like she was seeing your soul and putting your soul into words. healer

My Bio

When it came to writing my bio, I got a little stuck. This did not flow as easily as it could have. I asked for help.

Cathartic Release and Healing

I sat there patiently (not really, quite childlike – ready for something great). Boy, when Alexandra had finished, I cried, no I sobbed. It was such a release. I had been witnessed and thus my wounded healer was healed. It was a private, cathartic moment, which I will cherish.

I know that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with someone who is unbelievably talented, epically appreciative of soul speak and enticingly honest, with abundant humility.

Not only do I feel honoured by her words but humbled by the release. Being witnessed, being heard and being seen is the way forward for all us wounded healers. Today, I know I am healer and am open to source as a channel. My role as a healer is in my blood and in my cells. I totally trust and know that I am in the right place.

Thank You, Alexandra

healer, healed, wounded healer

Thank you, Alexandra – you have been what I have been waiting for. I am here and I am ready to heal.

Have you ever felt like a wounded healer?  Have done so much inner work that you are still not sure what it should feel like.  I would love to support you in the process of healing the healer within.