Energetic Boundaries are something I struggled with a lot until the last few years.

I’ve been on a profound journey and it is a delight to share this insight with others, so they may use this knowledge I can offer now.

empath - journeyBoundaries are helpful for you as a sensitive soul and empath. So you can gracefully untangle yourself from the energy and expectations of others.

This will lead to you making and actioning the decisions that best support you in business and life.

It’s like putting your own oxygen mask on first, being aware and using your energy to sustain your life and business – which can then be of more service to others.

It is time to honour that graceful un-tangle-ment and choose conscious prosperity.

I do work with people as a prosperity coach, highly tuned in empath and medical intuitive.

I have supported thousands of clients in the past ten years, to better health. I enjoy that my focus is now on prosperity from within – abundance in health and wealth.

I always thought my sensitivities were a defect, and it wasn’t until I understood my sensitivities and supported them, using boundaries that I now love and use them in my life and business.

I also love my psychic abilities.

I see these all as gifts and as I’ve explored them, they’ve grown.


I am excited to be able to share this new way of being, with people like me who are deeply sensitive.

These people can find they act like “energy sponges”.

They may find it difficult to protect their own energy and the energy that is bouncing off people all around them.

Sometimes you feel overwhelmed and find it difficult to make clear decisions that honour you.

This is something I have previously experienced when making decisions.

Being highly attuned to what others are thinking and feeling, you can be so influenced by the expectations of others.

What you’d like to do is make decisions that really support you and will allow you to move forward.

I would like to share three pieces of information I wish I had known:

  1. Mirror Neurons

    Empaths are born with highly tuned mirror neurons.

Mirror Neuron cells are the part of the brain that engages to “mirror” the information that it receives from another being. The mirror neurons enable the body to learn – firing by watching someone else & also using the same actions to do the same thing. In a similar way, it is said that the body can receive emotions and even other people’s thoughts – by observing/feeling them.

  1. Empaths Vs Highly Sensitive People

Empaths are Highly Sensitive People, but not all Highly Sensitive People are Empaths.

Highly Sensitive People process deeply and have a high perception attention.

Empaths have these traits as well as the ability to sense and take on emotions, thoughts and energetic vibrations. Empaths can have a spiritual practice and a focus on light. They can tune into the visible and invisible aspects of the world around them.

  1. 2-4% of the population are Empaths

This is a very special asset that we have been born with.

We are here to shine the light and do the work of healing the world.

When combined with knowing how to manage our gift, we can feel amazing and be doing some incredible work.  When you are aware of what is your energy and what is from other people, you can make decisions based on what you are truly feeling, becoming more aligned with your own journey.

May you feel the prosperity flow within & open your heart to receive.