How to be the conduit and receive the intention of the channel?  Weaving peace into the world by tapping in the mystery.

Here I take you on a journey of peaking behind the veil of mystery.  

A conversation with the channel.  How it all came together.  I share how the grid for the Peace Project Kit came together.  The many parts that make the whole which the sacred container for weaving peace in the world.

Circles – Alchemy Process

I channeled an Alchemy process last year which I know changes lives – that had to be included.

There is divine magic and healing for all in this grid.

This was the start.

I hand drew it and sent if off to my Graphic Designer.peace project

I love symbols. Circles are the symbol of hope. The Grid includes 3 Circles – Inner and Outer layers as well as the center – YOU.

Each layer has a process and a healing attached. Concentration, Integration and Expansion.

First – Concentration
When you come together, back to yourself to regroup and recharge your energy

Second – Integration
When you navigate to the new expanded version of home – how it feels in the world.

Third Level – Expansion
When you fly free – anything, everything is possible. Time, space, continuum – no longer holds you back. You are healed of stories.


As I mentioned above, I absolutely love symbols. They are magical, healing and mysterious. They are joyful, transcending, transformational and powerful catalysts for change. They cross the blood/brain barrier to reach spirit.

I have been teaching in 6 month levels – the first level is the intrinsic work and the second level is the extrinsic work.

The next phase of the Grid was 2 Hexagons.  The inner (intrinsic layer) and external (extrinsic layer).

Inner Layer
So when we know our inner landscape, we can show up at a deeper, true state in the world. Which supports others to show up as themselves too – no stories! Instead the exquisiteness that is you.

External Layer
When we know the outer layer and the outside influences that affect us – we can have more freedom.

The Hexagon is a symbol of foundations. It is the strongest symbol. It is the most efficient shape and it is found in nature – think beehive. It is building community, collaboration and support from all sides. “The compressive characteristics of the shape allow it to be one of the strongest structures in the world. Previous studies on the geometry of the beehive have indicated that no other shape can create more space with less material.”

It has 6 sides which numerologically it symbolizes home and hearth, loving relationships of every kind and deep compassion bordering on empathy.

There are two hexagons that make up the whole and create a strong long lasting foundation.

The Grid is healing in itself.


The channeling of The Peace Project Mandala was complete with the Infinity symbol. The Infinity symbol represents unity, balance and empowerment.

There are 12 Infinity symbols. The numerology of 12 reduces to 3. Empowerment, clarity, connection and community.

If this Grid is calling you, resonates with you. There is something mystical. An alchemy is present. Then the Peace Project is a MUST for you. There is magic waiting on the other end.

The whole process together. 

which became this

Completed with activated crystals (which, I share the mystery and magic in another blog post.

Here is the link to join.