Have you heard the statement – you are enough?

When I heard this for this first time – I didn’t quite understand this – I thought that of course we are all enough!

But along the way on my journey of evolvement – I started to indulge of the feeling that I wasn’t quite enough – I neeeeded more! It became a sport.

I felt like I didn’t have enough skills. So I did so many courses (what feels like 1000 courses and kept doing them) until one day I said out aloud – I have done enough courses – yes I have enough skills.

My appearance and body has never been enough? But as I expanded my awareness and consciousness – I realised that my body is definitely enough – in fact it is an incredible brilliant functioning machine. No one could ever have conceived a more functional adept physical specimen – I am perfect just like we all are. This was such a breath of fresh air. Once I had this realization, I could literally breathe deeply and more profoundly. My soul began to shine.

Remember that we are whole and complete, just at different stages of learning. Yield to your lessons, learn by the experience, and continue the process. Life is for living and living from a place of higher awareness is pure bliss!