When it comes to spiritual work… Has this thought ever crossed your mind?

“It’s a waste of time…”

It can be a thought that plagues us incessantly. Especially if we are moving away from our comfort zones and trying something new. Or when you begin to embrace stillness, compassion, or getting support from others instead of relying only on your mind. Particularly learning to listen to your body and your soul. 

When you’re used to being busy all the time, then moving to a new state of being can be challenging and scary. You know what I mean?Overthinking every step of the way,  and trusting only your analytical mind…

Imagine if you start trusting your intuition, your body, and your soul. How would that feel?

Spiritual work is a process?  

I know this process. I’ve lived it myself and seen it in others. I see it regularly in my clients. 

Just the thought of taking three hours a month to develop your spirituality – which includes learning to speak your soul language or crafting to heal the chaotic nervous system – can feel too different, even triggering. Familial and societal narratives imposed on us unwittingly can cause this neurological chaos we experience. They also affect our energy system. 

Reclaiming all parts of ourselves takes time. Healing the fragmented parts takes commitment and support. Allowing time to navigate the recesses of the subconscious and unconscious requires intention, affect, and discipline. But this work will, without doubt, bear its fruit. 

The Outcome of Spiritual Work

Do you know what I’ve seen in people that take time to explore, reflect, discover, and reclaim their energy? What I’ve seen in those who commit to this type of work and stay consistent with their efforts? 

They have healed. 

I’ve seen people heal from all sorts of diseases and illnesses. From autoimmune disease to cancer. I know it’s a bold statement, but I’ve seen it happen. 

They have built prosperity. 

They elevated their prosperity consciousness, helping them expand in other areas of their lives. I see prosperity as your soul’s connection to abundance. It’s when you have plenty of resources – like time, money, quality relationships, and health – to enjoy your life. 

They make more money consistently. 

Aside from increasing their prosperity, people have healed their relationship with money. They consciously made themselves conduits for material abundance.  

They connected to the love of their lives. 

By feeling better about themselves, feeling secure and prosperous, their vibration rises, and it’s easier for their soul to connect to love, openly give it and receive it. 

They create more impact. 

They trust their voice and their truth. Therefore, they build their capacity to reach more people with their message. 

They move forward exponentially.

One “yes” leads to many other “yeses.” They open the door to new possibilities, from people who want to work with them to new experiences and opportunities. 

They become kinder to themselves and others. 

Many of the people I work with are kind but usually not to themselves. As they progress and learn to love and accept themselves fully, they not only improve in all areas of their lives but help others do the same. 


So, now tell me. What do you think?

Is this type of work worth your time and effort? 

You decide.   

From my experience and what I’ve seen in others, time is a gift. Using it for yourself and your soul’s evolution only enhances the world around you, and ultimately the whole world too! 

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