I knew there was something more to the energy we see and feel.  There is so much in the unseen world, which is often deeply felt, but not completely understood or appreciated.   I have a unique, some say quirky way of bringing these mysteries into our everyday life to make life and business easier.  Especially for those who are curious and have interest in the esoteric and ancient wisdom.

I teach the world of the Mysteries.

No apologies.

No doubt

No fear

The ancient world

  • they knew.


Healing the Mother Wound,
Healing the “Good Girl” Syndrome
Healing needing to be better
Instead enjoying the sacred space you inhabit just by being YOU.

We study the moon cycles, astrology, planetary magic, elemental magic, spell casting, symbols, sigils, crystals, herbs, spiritual crafting, creation, manifestation, abundance and prosperity consciousness. 


Working with Goddess energy and archetypes, Archangels, ascended masters and many allies to co-create and heal the world.


I work with the conscious, subconscious and unconscious – the layers to deeply trust the souls work.


This work is soul work like no other.


We tap into the duality of life and create awareness.  Light and shadow work. This awareness leads to processing and releasing the old dual stories and make room.  A soul shift.  So you have space to bring in more of what you deeply desire. 


Living your right livelihood, living life on your terms. 


With confidence, surety and the ability to lead with reverence and benevolence.  A sacred space to inhabit for the rest of your days. 


The Mysteries are taught via Circles and my signature VIP Program Alchemize.