I am sitting here brainstorming for a program that I am creating and came up with the 3 phases of Spiritual Development.  This is a personal process I have experienced.  It is also a process I see my clients experience, too.

Phase 1

You want to be fixed (outside of yourself).

You wake up and you want to be fixed.  You go and start to search for the answer.  You search everywhere to find someone and keep asking yourself “when am I going to find someone who will fix me?”

This is a necessary part of the awakening process.  During this phase you will connect with spiritual souls who will show you aspects of your future.

They also support you in developing the sense of enquiry.  Is the metaphysical world real?  Do I really receive the right information?  Am I making the right decisions?  Is this my path?

You go searching for the question.  This phase sheds light on the cellular matrix and experiences that are embodied within.  It is first point of enquiry.  Without enquiry there is no enlightenment.

Once the question arises you are ready for the answer.

This phase is the research phase.  It includes reading personal development books, watching youtube videos, going to professionals – healers, psychics and other esoteric professionals.

You are searching. You are exploring.

Until you quieten the ego down and travel within, the answers won’t present.

The victim archetype plays havoc with the soul.  Fighting with ego.  Know that there is an answer.  But until you find the right question, the answer will not present.

This is a time of clarity.  Working through ego and soul.  You get to know the difference between the two.

Phase 2

You realise that you can “fix” yourself

In this phase – you know from a soul level that you are the master.  You can fix yourself.  You  have searched and found the right tools.  You are willing to do the work.

You have tools and modalities that you can access.  You know it takes work and commitment to the practices.  It can be done.  You are empowered with information, knowledge and insights.

You start to trust yourself more and more.

spiritual development phase 2

Phase 3

You know there is “no fix” needed

The next phase and the final phase is you learn the secret.  That is that there is no need to be fixed.

It is now that we say “there is nothing wrong with me.’

You have the superconscious awareness that you are the same as everyone else.  You are one with the consciousness whole.  You realise that we all have the same experiences but with different content thrown in.  You start to look for the lessons.  You appreciate the experience.  The enlightenment occurs in this phase.

spiritual development phase 3

If you are reading this, you are probably in phase 2 – you know you can do it yourself.   I want to take you to phase 3 – where you don’t need to fix anything.  You are already whole and complete.  I have crafted a program specifically for you – we walk the path together for 3 months of immersion and igniting the inner sanctuary of soul wisdom.  If you would like to chat and see if this program resonates – click this link to find out more Lightness to Enlightenment.