How Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome can affect your life?

Did you know that this awful debilitating disease can be reversed by developing an amazing relationship with your self. I have done it.  I struggled with cortisol hormone release – which was way too active in my body.  I was always in a state of flux and having to achieve.

When I was training for my first marathon in 2006, my personal trainer said to me – did you know that you are excreting way too much cortisol but I thought it was what everyone else around me was feeling too. 

I felt it was what I needed to do.  It absolutely propelled me forward to achieve amazing goals but it did take a toll on my physical body and my quality of life.  I continued to do 3 more marathons until I broke down.

I felt that it was the soft option to take time out and re-energize my body by resting.   Why would I need to take care of me?  It was not something that resonated with me.  I had never been exposed to people relaxing, enjoying a state of rest and physiologically managing my central nervous system. 

I had to learn to sit quietly, to eat well (this is still a work in progress) and be ok with not doing continually.

What was the cause?

Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome is caused by excess excretion of cortisol in the system which is excreted by the kidneys.  The result is that you are always on – ready to go – eventually the body is tired and you get tired. Tired to the point of exhaustion.  Functional disturbances from the kidneys come about because of dysfunctions in relationships.

The biggest one here is relationship to self.  What you think and how you behave, what you say about yourself.  Take notice of what that inner dialogue is saying.  My inner dialogue became pervasive and very surreptitious.  There was a hate for myself that became very destructive.  I wasn’t good enough in anything I did.  Mother guilt was at a high.  I was a bad wife, couldn’t keep a clean house, was a bad daughter, sister, friend.  Really did not like my self at all. 

I had to prove that I was better than what my thoughts were telling me.  The internal guidance system was to do – always to do.  Never to relax – I couldn’t afford the time to just relax – that was lazy. 

This cycle led to a complete breakdown.  Kept me dysfunctional inside the home, behind closed doors and very tired all the time.  Without respite.  I was a good actor and I soldiered on but inside was crumbling.

Techniques you can do at home – healing from within

Until one day, a very dear friend of mine asked me to look in the mirror and say I love you.  Really see me for who I am, whole and complete.   Appreciate all my experiences, knowledge gained and wisdom.  Was it easy – no!  It was totally necessary.  So I urge you to look in the mirror and really see the beauty within.  Imagine you are speaking to your child, summon the feeling of love you have for them.  Look into your eyes and allow your soul to speak to you.  You are worth it.

Your relationship to self is the first step in healing this pervasive condition.


Start to explore the world around you.  Look at the evidence in your life that shows your abundance of experiences.  Treat yourself like you would your own best friend.  You are worthy and you deserve peace in your soul.  Just like me, you have the tools to navigate the pathway to your own Bliss and magic life.  I know I needed support to get to this place of freedom, safety and bliss.  If you need support, I am here for you.  Book in for your free Body Whisperer Session and we can have a chat of how I can best serve you.  How you can find the balance that your soul craves, how you can be the star of your own show, YOUR LIFE.