I am so lucky. My upbringing was steeped in ceremony, ritual and tradition. At the time not particularly well understood. But now remembering with an inner knowingness and wisdom that warms my insides and lights up my soul.

Today I was wholeheartedly part of an invocation and blessing. Sharing the experience with 3 generations, my mum, me and my son.

We were off to show Nonna the new car (new to my son) who is about to get his drivers licence. He just turned 18.

Nonna with my son.

I knew Mum would create a parcel and perform a ceremony, as I had seen it many times in my life. 

Today was different as I am ready to immerse myself in all things ancestral.  For the first time in my life, I wanted to know the ingredients and what the intention behind each one was. Yep Mum is my teacher.

I am exploring and open to the richness of tradition. 

Ceremony and ritual according to the depth and wisdom of  Italian culture and traditional folklore.

Mum started to gather the ingredients for the ritual and then we gathered around the new addition and the ceremony began.

A blessing that warmed my heart, as my son starts the next part of his journey. 

Manifesting all good, shunning all bad and embracing what is.

Immersed in such spiritual practices and cultural experiences.

I just love the richness of the Italian culture. The traditions, the elements and the congruency with all my energy work.

Little did I know growing up that this would be my path. Medical intuition, understanding, appreciating and accepting the energy around us. It is a consciousness beyond my wildest dreams. 

All in divine timing.  There were many times in my life that I wanted to know but there was always something that got in the way. Today was my day to awaken to this ceremony. Universe, I am ready.

If it is meant to be it will happen.

Sigil Contra la fasiono – il male occhio

  • Salt for strength
  • Chilli as protection against evil 
  • Mint – all bad 
  • Money – prosperity
  • Red cloth 
  • Ogni Male astuta
  • Virgin Mary look after her flock