I’ve been musing . . .  About crystals – the rocks as I fondly referring to them. What do they bring to your business? And the support they potentially have for those who are expanding their agency and capacity. 

Specifically musing about the value of the manifestation grids that I channel for the sacred containers I offer, Circle and Alchemize, and people I bring together.

What do they have to do with the work?

Crystals and grids bring focus and intention into reality. The crystalline matrix provides a source of healing. So the crystals that are channeled have a resonance with frequency. That could sound like blah blah blah but the evidence from years of doing this indicates that it’s true.

How do the grids contribute to accomplishing goals?

When the crystals are formed and mined from parts of the world, the healing from Mother Gaia is brought together in a formation that anchors intention. Imagine 8 grids set at the same time sharing the same frequency? Yes… It extrapolates and magnifies the resonance!

This connects individuals and provides a support system of energy technologies that is not always understood but deeply appreciated by those who experience it.

It’s like activating an energy stream which magnifies, amplifies and cultivates our capacity and agency fo expand and grow.

Without moving from your home you are connected, supported and held. As your soul and spirit seeks and your body recalibrates to serve at a higher conscious level.

Anyway that’s how I see it. Have experienced it. That’s how my clients experience it.

The oneness that is.

Do crystals and grids really work?

You betcha!!!!

Build grids at the same time with like minded souls and you will experience the magic too.

Crystals in your new home OR office space! 

As I just mentioned, crystals bring focus and intention. This is particularly useful in your home and office spaces! I recently shared a tip to incorporate crystals at the front entrance and within your home. If you want to learn more about it click to read the full article: Cleansing a New Home

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