New Moon wishes harness the power of the new lunar cycle. Come on, make a wish!

If you follow these four energetic steps, it will come true. Trust me! Skeptical? I won’t judge you. I was like that myself before I understood and embraced the power of magic. Perfectionist? I used to be one too. I was afraid of doing things the wrong way and not getting the results I wanted or expected. 

So, if you are like I was, you probably want to know the exact steps to make a New Moon Wish (or manifestation) the right way. Get it right from the first time. Using the right words. Making it perfect. However, when you force things to be “perfect”, you end up torturing yourself, just like I did. 

I have to say… give yourself a chance! Once you experience what you’re capable of doing, you will allow yourself to try more. 

You don’t need to do magic “the right way”. You don’t need to be serious, prescriptive, or perfect. Do you know why?

Because the Universe hears your wishes.

If you are living a Spirit-led life you know this to be true. You know you’ll be guided to get what you want. Still, there is something about magic that makes it incredibly powerful. It’s the way it quiets our overthinking, rational brain and awakens our subconscious. It helps us tap into higher frequencies and use them to create.

New Moon Energy

The New Moon possesses the energy of birthing cycles, of new beginnings. Writing New Moon wishes is a ritual that will allow us to tap into this energy, this higher frequency, and therefore get what we want. Don’t get caught up in details. Just follow these simple energetic steps and watch the magic happen.


Step 1. Timing.


The most potent time for making New Moon wishes is within thirty minutes of the tip over to the New Moon. That is the time when the dark moon becomes a glimmer of hope and light. Birthing the New Moon, the beginning of the new cycle. The newness that is possible. Simply say your wishes out loud under the New Moon during this time to get the best results.


Step 2. Intention.


The next critical element is intention. Set yours, try to make it for the next twenty-eight days. Be clear and concise. Don’t hesitate. What do you want to receive achieve, or resolve? Intentions are energy, so the clearer you are, the stronger your energy.


Step 3. Sensation.


The next key factor is sensation. Sensationalize your wishes as you write them during the next step. Feel them in your body. How will it feel to have them come true? What sensations come up as you imagine they come true?


Step 4. Write your wishes.


Writing brings your wishes to life. The hand is the conduit to the heart. This principle is present in every teaching on our body’s meridians and energy lines. The energy body is amazing! Keep in mind to feel these wishes in your body as you write. The deliberate effort you make to write them down as you experience these sensations it’s what creates the magic. Your wishes become embodied.


How to write your wishes. 

Write down your wishes on a piece of paper or a special New Moon Journal. You can start with the phrase “I wish for…” and then write your intention. Personally, I’d rather write my wishes beginning with the phrase “Thank you for…” because it adds the certainty that they will come true. It implies and signals that I believe in the magic that the Universe brings. 


Here are some examples of my own list:

Thank you for my healthy, vital, energetic body, releasing ten kilos in weight.” 

Thank you for my healthy bank balance of $x “

Thank you for the sell out-program! These twelve new clients are amazing! Thank you for bringing them to me.”


These examples from my personal experience have covered many common areas we all want to improve: weight loss, money, and business.


The New Moon Wishes ritual.

Now that you completed the four energetic steps: timing, intention, sensation, and writing, let’s do some more magic! This is the ritual you will perform for your New Moon wishes.

  1. Write out up to eight New Moon Wishes following the four energetic steps. Yes, that’s a lot! And yes, the Universe will bring them all to you, if you trust.


  1. Then, you can do one of 3 things:
  • Burn them. Light them and hand them to the Universe.
  • Bury them. Give them over to Mother Earth. 
  • Journal about them. Keep them in a special New Moon Journal. Which is what I’m doing this year. I want to gather more evidence over a year that the world is magic, and that spells work.

Conjuring, magnifying, amplifying.

This is my spell work, and now I’m sharing it with you. So, let’s do a little recap

  1. Timing. Mark your calendar! Set the magic date and time.
  2. Intention. Set an intention for the next 28 days. How do you want to feel after this time?
  3. Sensationalize. Imagine how you will feel when your wishes come true.
  4. Writing. Begin with “Thank you for…”
  5. Speak the word. Say them out loud.
  6. Burn, bury, or journal. 

See? It’s really easy! What are you waiting for? Let’s do magic! 


Happy New Moon Manifesting! The world really is magical! 


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