You make a decision. Then you receive messages from your sacred enquiries.  Let me explain how? I’ve been on a spiritual vision quest where I am seeking divine truth.  Divine truth and transformation is alchemy.   Who else? The answers to my questions are dropping in. The more questions I ask and am willing to hear divine truth, the more my world expands.  The answers are inherent in your questions.  A willingness to ask and be responsive is the very first step towards creating awareness and to create that alchemical process, find the gold within.
I have been studying the magic in the world.  Embracing the Mystic and becoming the alchemist in my own life and showing others how to become the alchemist in their lives. Some of the teachings and wisdoms include quantum field, energy, spiritual transformation, soul medicine, plants, herbs and crystals.  The bounty Mother Earth delivers is undeniable. Where do herbs grow? Where are crystals found? Diving into the myth associated with these areas and the societal narratives, that are laying dormant in the collective unconscious. The deeper spiritual and energetic medicine. The meta data and the undercurrents are fascinating.  How to transform an energy to another energy, in an instant.  Takes awareness and support – trust in the Universal process.  Education is good too.  Layers of information and when you receive the right one for you – guess what happens?  You guessed it!! A-L-C-H-E-M-Y! I have been studying Carl Jung and the archetypes and how this overlaps with Myer Briggs personality types. Astrology – what does the moment of birth share with you? And the science behind the heart coherence. Brilliant work by pioneers in the world. I can tell you, my world has expanded beyond what I could have ever conceived. To say rebirth is an understatement. It’s exciting and intentional. My work is deeper than ever before. It all begins with me. The magic is in the awareness, this is key to unlocking all potential in you and the world around you.

Is it your time to Alchemize?

Turn your wounds into wisdom and work on your agency and capacity to make your business (and your life, and gifts) go big!