What’s do Vibrations have to do with Making Money?

PART ONE of a five part series of how vibrations affect your business and your energy? This series is starting a dialogue about vibrations and the entrepreneurial journey – the best personal development journey of our lives.

The journey began as a novice in this realm of energy and vibrational medicine.  The more I immersed myself into energy and the magic that we can co-create with heightened awareness, the more peace I felt, my business then took off in a big.

Here’s how the journey of enquiry began – I hope you are supported in some way by reading this series.

It all began with lots of questions . . .

What’s up with vibration?

What’s all the fuss about them?

What have vibrations got to do with making money?

vibrations - butterfly effect

When I was introduced to the notion that we are energy and we vibrate at a particular frequency I found it fascinating.

How do we discover this inner knowing?

What affect do vibrations have on us?  Could it be possible that we change at a cellular level?

Does it become more evident if we learn to tap into our intuition?

It is paradoxical, because as I am left-brain trained, I thought “What has this vibration got to do with anything?”

In this series we will explore how the frequency of your vibrations affect your business.

Vibration is about energy and about how we emanate our frequency to the world.

If you are in a joyous state you are going to attract people that want the joy or feel your joy.

You’re going to attract “it”.  What did that even mean?  

I went on to discover that mirror neurons have alot to do with it.

If you’re motivated you’re going to attract people who are either motivated, or want to be motivated.

bag-147782_1280If you want to make money, we go where the money is and where people are making money – because we operate, or want to operate, at that frequency.

It’s the energy, it’s our energy, if we believe that everything is energy, then everything vibrates at a particular frequency. So, it’s the attractor factor, that can be illusive to quantify or qualify.  But if you want to attract your soul tribe, you need to know your frequency before you go out into the world.

Are you willing to be seen?

Are you willing to really stand in your truth and honour your path?

We need to honour our truth and honour who we are, to be at peace in our souls.

We need to be able to vibrate at the frequency that is going to attract our soul tribe – that’s pretty amazing, right?

And how simple is it?  Life is simple.

So how do you turn that into dollars?

If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re out there – YOU are the product, YOU are the service…

What are YOU offering to the world?

It’s not what you say – it goes back to Maya Angelou’s words :

“people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

It’s not what you say that matters, it’s how you make people feel.

That is the crux of it.

When you are vibrationally aligned, you will be pleasantly surprised how effortlessly you attract the people who you are meant to work with. That’s pretty cool right?

emotions-1817495_1920Coming Soon : Part Two – How Do you Raise Your Vibration to Attract Your Soul Tribe or Ideal Clients?

Maria Davis, Medical Intuitive/Spiritual Mentor to conscious and evolving women seeking the depths of divine truth, mind, body and soul. Maria teaches and guides her clients to a place of stability, peace and balance. She teaches how to access intuition and all about unique energy pathways. Her approach is simple, practical and down to earth. After 30+ years of teaching, she has some inspirational stories to tell. Maria is the divine mother earth energy and gives the biggest, most loving connected hugs.  Join Maria in her annual Vibrational Tune Up Challenge starting December 1, 2016. Here is the link to Tune Up your Vibrations and energise for Christmas and beyond. https://mariaheals.com/10daystuneupchallenge/