What does it take to run a marathon?

The same thing that it takes to run a successful business. (More about biz here). Consistency. Showing up consistently, doing the work. Putting it out in the Universe is one thing, it’s only part of the manifestation process. The other part is focus and a plan.

People would ask me . . .

What makes you want to run a marathon? I would reflect and the answer never changed – to check in and know that I can.

What did it really take?

Having someone who believed in me to hold the space until I believed in myself.

Kevin, my coach and me

Thank you Kevin, my coach and mentor who believed in me even when I didn’t. We all need people in our life who see our light until we can see our own

Consistency – sticking to the plan.

A plan – breaking it down into smaller, doable activities. One step at a time.



Seeing myself on the finish line helped a lot. I have been a little sceptical on philosophy but when I practiced this, it actually realised into a reality that was equal or better than the visualisation (which I did on all my long runs).


Relationship to Self

The other thing that I really worked is my relationship with myself. During the training, I learnt to be by myself in silence. In fact, I would treat the long runs as a vipassana. Time for me. Boy this time resolved internal challenges, physical, mental and emotional. It was a regular treat for my soul to engage in the process. Always one foot after another.

This culminated in the biggest breakthrough. It was actually feeling like I deserved to be there. I had ticked all the boxes but in the last month, the wobbles started to kick in. The doubt, the truth of my abilities. This insightfulness hurt at the time but was absolutely critical to feel it, in order to transcend it.

After moments with my coach, being witnessed and held in a space of joy and love. I began to believe I could do it. Yes one step at a time.

I stood on that start with a plan. Determined, committed, challenged but mostly overjoyed with the opportunity of this immersion journey. One step at a time.

With every step, a newness emerged that I had not anticipated. A newness of thinking, of being, of loving. It was a moment of belief, one step at a time.

The lessons learnt were big. The soul uncovered is smiling. My heart is full. The joy is back.

The next phase has begun. I healed and I reclaimed me.

Spiritual Mentoring is a joy and a passion. If you are feeling a resonance with me and my story, I would love to help you reclaim the real you too. Let’s chat to see and feel into how it will work xx