The things mothers say have a connection to our souls. That’s how they are also connected to healing core karmic wounds and soul vows.

Mother’s words matter because they are weighted with the connection of soul.

Imagine mum saying to you at a young impressionable age:
“you are fat, you better look after your weight.”
A seemingly innocuous comment. Something that is believed and is intentionally shared because Mum wants what’s best. But this comment can affect a life time. Can be traumatic and carries a soul wound. I write this for awareness.

From one mother to another

I am a mother. I have a mother.

Today it dawned on me that a mother’s words matter more than anyone else’s words here on earth. Because we are karmically connected and committed, even if it is not consciously – it carries weight, loaded with energy because we are soul connected.
Have you seen the image of the grandmother carrying the mother and the mother carrying you – it’s a thing. That familial lineage is so profound, energetically intense and entangled.
Until you begin to consciously untangle the attachment. Yes! You can do it. There is a lot of soul sounding, cellular trauma that shows up at this level.

One step at a time.

One client had a karmic vow committed to her by her mother – that she would never find long lasting love. Guess what? The client found it difficult to access the long lasting unconditional love from a committed partner. Until she became aware of this karmic soul vow and consciously broke the vow. So it no longer trapped her.
Another clients mother expected her to be caretaker of her husband when she departed. It was a soul vow – I have you so you can care for us especially my husband until we both die. This client did all of that and more. To the detriment of her health. Until she realised that this was a vow by her mother imposed on her in utero. This awareness set her free to prioritise herself and she got her health back.

Revealing your wounds.

I have so many stories of karmic vows that remain hidden but very connected.

It is when they are revealed that life really begins.

And Freedom is activated not only on a human level but on a soul level too. As a mother, I am very aware of my wounds and therefore very aware of my words to my children.
I encourage you to clear the wounds and karmic ancestral vows, so you and your children experience true freedom too.


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