As a divination tool speaking from the quantum.

Imagine these 2D representations are filaments of energy. Each with its own unique lightcodes from the matrix. Encoded frequency to support the healing.

The shape represents the symbol – the sacred geometry.

The colours – the chakra energies

The crystals – delivering healing from the divine universal matrix

The custom meditation a guide to the soul path of healing.

To work with a crystal healing grid is powerful and soul shifting. It transcends the mundane. And gives you a step up into the unseen, mystical and soul path to create significant shifts and propel towards vitality and healing on multiple levels.

When clients book in for a “Soul Immersion Experience” they receive this channeled service. I channel. Then take a photo which is sent in a card format.

Clients have been known to laminate and place it in their shower. So the healing takes place every time they shower.

Others place on their healing altar.

I send a choice crystal(s) to the client so they have a touch point of connection.

It is a pure divination tool that keeps on delivering healing.

Truly magical to witness.

Beyond the mundane to transcend into the quantum realms where anything is possible.

As I go deeper into soul work, my clients have the opportunity and are energised to go deeper too. Beyond what they thought was possible . . .