{Vlog} Recipe for Manifesting

If you are anything like me, I like to have structure and experience the manifesting from a

  • a
  • b
  • c
  • d


Then forget the structure and trust the Universe as it delivers exactly what we need.

Love it when we manifest with ease and grace.

Maverick Manifestors Unite.

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Manifesting and Healing


What have Manifesting and Healing got to do with each other? 

It has to do with hope. When you have hope – you co-create a reality that you are comfortable, safe and secure living with.

That’s why I created the Maverick Manifestor community.   I believe we all have our own unique style. Hence Maverick. (there is little more to the naming my community which I share with you in community.)

The Manifesting – every time you manifest, you heal – the hurt of not receiving, of not being good enough, of not feeling secure and not safe. The wound runs deep – so what if you did simple small steps that create the pathway to big results.   That is my motto and that’s how I live my life. 

How do you live yours?  Take a big breath before you answer.

One small thing you can do is work with the moon cycles and the energy around the moon.

I work with the Full Moon and the New Moon. Astrology plays a part too but I only know the basics so it is not something I teach. But I am certainly guided by it. It never steers me wrong. It always provides answers. And creates hope. Hope creates space on a cellular level. 

Three things hope creates on a physiological level

  1. Allows for you to breathe deeply
  2. Expands your lung capacity and massages your heart
  3. It clears your lymphatics 

We can also talk about emotional wounds and karmic debt. When we have hope, we are more likely to take inspired action. Want to support our healing. Ask and you shall receive. Its amazing what happens when you think of the right question to ask. The answer comes almost immediately. 

For now – what are small steps that you can take to clear any energy that is blocking your future? I sincerely mean that – take one tiny step today – it could be writing out a cheque. A simple, effective and really magical experience. I have used it and continue to use it. Play is very important to feeling hopeful. Start to play with the magic around you. It is amazing what happens when you anchor hope in your cells. Your energy expands and your healing begins. Try it!!! 

I send out full moon and new moon rituals. I have just recorded a New Moon Ritual – click here to receive it.  I am working on the Full Moon Ritual now – so stay tuned.




One Step at a Time (part 2)


What does it take to run a marathon?

The same thing that it takes to run a successful business.

  1. Consistency. Showing up consistently, doing the work.

  2. Putting it out in the Universe is one thing, it’s only part of the manifestation process.

  3. Focus and a plan.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.47.12 PM

Let’s explore these 3 steps.


Offering and inviting the gorgeous souls who are going to share the experience of life and biz with you.  Yep showing up in life.  Going to events.  Speaking about your journey.  Sharing your experiences without expectation – being of service – that one share may change someone’s life.  Being honest and intimate with the ones who are willing to listen and explore whether an opportunity to work together will align with their goals too.  If you are not sharing consistently, the beautiful souls will not know if you are the one who will help them transcend and open to the spiritual transformation that awaits.  Remember we are in this together.  We really are all one.


How does this work.  Being clear about you want.  What do you want to achieve?  Is it so big that your manifestation muscle needs to be developed.  Start small.  Know that you can and will manifest.  Have faith in your ability by having successes along the way.  Start experiencing and embodying manifestation principles and enjoy the fruits of this conscious awareness.

I started small and started to notice that I manifest easily.  For example, a bunch of flowers, a meal, catching up with friends, meeting my next coach,

then bigger . . .

a trip, the finish line of the New York Marathon,

bigger and bigger . . .

my husband, my children, my bank balance.

Life sure is easy when we allow it to be.  Know that this is a practice.  Just like a muscle, it requires attention, flexing and fibres to grow and grow.  Strength comes from courage, ability comes from action, conscious prosperity comes from awareness.

Become curious to what you already manifest and easily too.

I bet there are alot of things you do automatically.

Focus and a plan

Make a decision.

Focus on the result

Plan your action and set a timeline.

Easy – yes!

Then why dont we do it easily?  Because it is easy intellectually.  Spiritually and emotionally it is a matrix of limits and beliefs that we need to transcend, in order to make it happen.

One step at a time is doable.

Start to focus on the small things you can do in the moment, on the day or even in the week.  This grows and the idea that you can succeed grows so that you embody success.  Nothing can stop you when you embody your own success.

These are exactly the steps I took to cross the finish line.  What I didnt realise at the time that I committed to running the New York Marathon was the spiritual transformation that occurred and also my business growing more than I even thought was possible.

marathon finisher photo

Take these 3 actions.  Make them real for you and watch your life transform and your business succeed.

If you would like to explore how I can support you with the next steps – let’s chat.  I help generous hearted sensitive souls to accomplish their dreams in a unique safe way.

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One Step at a Time (part 1)


What does it take to run a marathon?

The same thing that it takes to run a successful business. (More about biz here). Consistency. Showing up consistently, doing the work. Putting it out in the Universe is one thing, it’s only part of the manifestation process. The other part is focus and a plan.

People would ask me . . .

What makes you want to run a marathon? I would reflect and the answer never changed – to check in and know that I can.

What did it really take?

Having someone who believed in me to hold the space until I believed in myself.

Kevin, my coach and me

Thank you Kevin, my coach and mentor who believed in me even when I didn’t. We all need people in our life who see our light until we can see our own

Consistency – sticking to the plan.

A plan – breaking it down into smaller, doable activities. One step at a time.



Seeing myself on the finish line helped a lot. I have been a little sceptical on philosophy but when I practiced this, it actually realised into a reality that was equal or better than the visualisation (which I did on all my long runs).


Relationship to Self

The other thing that I really worked is my relationship with myself. During the training, I learnt to be by myself in silence. In fact, I would treat the long runs as a vipassana. Time for me. Boy this time resolved internal challenges, physical, mental and emotional. It was a regular treat for my soul to engage in the process. Always one foot after another.

This culminated in the biggest breakthrough. It was actually feeling like I deserved to be there. I had ticked all the boxes but in the last month, the wobbles started to kick in. The doubt, the truth of my abilities. This insightfulness hurt at the time but was absolutely critical to feel it, in order to transcend it.

After moments with my coach, being witnessed and held in a space of joy and love. I began to believe I could do it. Yes one step at a time.

I stood on that start with a plan. Determined, committed, challenged but mostly overjoyed with the opportunity of this immersion journey. One step at a time.

With every step, a newness emerged that I had not anticipated. A newness of thinking, of being, of loving. It was a moment of belief, one step at a time.

The lessons learnt were big. The soul uncovered is smiling. My heart is full. The joy is back.

The next phase has begun. I healed and I reclaimed me.

Spiritual Mentoring is a joy and a passion. If you are feeling a resonance with me and my story, I would love to help you reclaim the real you too. Let’s chat to see and feel into how it will work xx