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I went to India and brought back “Namaste”

What’s with that??????

In 2013 I went to India. I was there for 2 weeks.  I was invited to be a speaker at an International Conference, LifeBloom.  I was excited to be sharing my work and taking it to the world.


I thought India was an adventure and a time of self discovery.  India offered incredible divine spots and also not so divine too, it was eclectic, diverse, colourful and intriguing.

It was a time of spiritual transformation, energy clearing, healing, self discovery and divine sacred support.

So today I was reflecting.

When did I start saying Namaste?

When did I bring my hands together in a gesture of connection, humility and presence?

buddha-504204_1280I am an Italian Catholic – what!!?

It was that journey that cemented my desire to go deeper with my spiritual transformation. As well as discover my offerings to humanity and stay true to my calling.

Wow what does that even mean?

I don’t need to know now but years ago I would have found it airy fairy and not real. Today it so real I can taste it.

The awakening process can be challenging, judgmental and full of subversive criticism.

But from someone who has been there and felt all that at her core, it has been an amazing journey through to the other side. To wonder, gratitude, love, surrender and flow.

Which brings me back to Namaste – it is an all encompassing greeting and salute. Almost a salvation. It is

I am not a yogi. I am an ordinary woman who has now awakened to her spirituality. Do you need to be anyone other than yourself? I say if it calls and it feels right, use it, do it.

Be seen my friend. It is so much easier to be you and be true.

“My soul honours your soul.  

I honour the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me.

In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us.

We are the same.  

We are one.”


Healing and Life Drawing

What does healing have to do with drawing? You might ask.

Creativity and Healing?  Is there a parallel or inverse relationship between the two?  You bet!

So I have found that I really wanted to do something creative for years.   As luck or synchronicity would have it, an art studio opened up around the corner from my home about 3 years ago. I have been in, collected biz cards to make a time. But never actually got round to going in and doing a class.  The intention was there but something stopped me.   That is until today. I drove past and there was a sign out that said “today life drawing 1-4pm”.  Today was the day.  I was ready to explore this parallel of creativity and healing.

healing through creativity

I walked into the studio – an absolute novice and jumped in. There was a life model, posing for us, in position for us to create.  I started at the beginning, became grounded and then created.  Whilst dissecting the model, I felt it was not unlike what I do with energies and anatomy. I started to look at patterns and shades. Actually cool when you just stay present without expectation. It is healing in itself. Just being – without judgement of self or others. It just felt good. Exploring the right brain creativity in such a different setting to the norm.

Effect: Relaxed my nervous system

I am so thrilled with the results. I found that it totally relaxed my nervous system too. By the end of the session, my breathing was slow and methodical – just the sweeps of the charcoal I was using.

healing and creativity

It was delightful to be in a room with people who were just present and focused on the life drawing, creating, enjoying, being. There was a synergy in the room.

Feeling disconnected or frazzled?

So next time you feel disconnected or just frazzled with life, do something creative and play – no expectations – just fun.

How do you relax your nervous system? What fun things do you do regularly?

If you would like to heal through creativity, find something fun to do – something that nourishes your soul.

The Art of Receiving

This year has been a year of abundance. Abundance and prosperity comes from within.

The art of receiving is something that I am learning along the way. It is not a natural state for me. However, the art of giving is more than natural, it was my modus operandi. To the point of over giving and then becoming depleted.

Does this resonate?

This year it finally clicked that the art of giving, without the art of receiving is actually creating a deficiency in my energetic loop and depleting me from the inside out.

the key

Unless I opened myself to receive, I could not give anymore. Oh my, this created a whole energetic, paradigm shift. I sat with this, fought with this and finally decided that if I was going to succeed in business, this was something I had to tackle with clarity, assuredness and observation.

The learning curve was beginning and more importantly the significant shift in identity was about to take place.

Once this penny dropped, I was on a mission. I started to look for guidance. I googled.

giving and receivingOne of the first insights into this world of receiving came from a Denise Duffield Thomas, also known as Lucky Bitch. She had a free audio on her website which I devoured. I also downloaded her book – Get Rich, Lucky Bitch. Then I was lucky enough to go along to a one day mastermind with Denise, herself in March last year. This just proved to me that she was sharing a journey that I was just embarking on. However, she had been on the journey and was on the other side. So many insights.

I came home from that one day and purchased Denise’s Lucky Bitch Bootcamp.

The bootcamp itself is paradigm shifting as she gives a lot of great value, including subtle energetic shifts which happen along the way. Yes, your thoughts about receiving do change.

transformation, abundance, propserityMy journey thus far has included becoming open to receive from a generous space. My self-esteem has increased. I can actually write this now. “I serve, I deserve.” In retrospect, it does start with opening your heart to yourself, but when I was first beginning, I wasn’t aware of this small but fundamental detail. Prosperity can only come from within.

Coming from a place of service and having the innate ability of closing the chasm between giving and receiving will only enhance your mission and open you up to potential and possibilities.

If you are ready to choose both giving and receiving as an energetic complete loop which will fill your heart and your world with your desires, then I highly recommend sourcing guidance. This program and the community is wonderful and can lead to paradigm shifts which indeed can make you a lucky rich bitch too.

Here’s to raising the prosperity consciousness of all the generational change agents and women entrepreneurs in the world.


New York Is Calling

Call me crazy but with guaranteed entry into the New Marathon for 2015, I am committed. It is 48 weeks away, I am 30kgs overweight but I am doing it. I have started to train.

As a way of keeping me accountable and a record – I put it out into the world – see my facebook post.

new york marathon facebook post

My first goal post is 5km.

This comes in 2 phases.  One is to cover the distance (walking/running) and then the second is to run the whole distance. My body is in revolt and my spirit is soaring. This is an experiment. Change your thoughts, change your world. 

I have been at it for 4 weeks now and yesterday, I completed the 5kms. It was exhilarating to achieve the first of many milestones. Along the way I spoke my mantras and called on my angels and guardians. Especially, in the last kilometer, of which I ran continuously. This is the longest stretch of running I have completed since I broke my leg back in 2010 and I felt very accomplished.


The real story began in 2009

This is where the real story began. It was 2009 and I was clinically depressed as I crossed the finish line of the London Marathon. Each step of the 33,000 steps was filled with dread, heaviness and sadness. I didn’t know it at the time that I was suppressing the depression and pushing against it. But the black dog was there and it wasn’t until many years later, on reflection really, that I really got it. It is now 5 years down the track and the memory is trying to protect me by keeping me safe. Safety is doing nothing. Safety is standing still. Safety is being numb. Safety is being protected by the weight, which is a cocoon.

But I can tell you, I am breaking out one step at a time. 

For me, the wakeup call came in three parts. 

Post London Marathon, 7 months later, I broke my arm by slipping during my son’s swimming excursion. I was very angry, but still not taking the message to heart. I defied gravity and tried to run, even though painful with a broken arm.  I stopped running albeit very resentful.

Then 6 months after, I slipped again and broke my leg. This was severe. This stopped me in my tracks. I was declared an invalid and disabled. This was the catastrophic trajectory that changed my life. I was in a wheel chair, I was housebound, I was hopeless. Now I was clinically depressed as well as suicidal.

I was being treated for the depression. With the mix of sedentary life and the medication, the weight piled on. At the end of the 6 months, I was 30 kgs heavier and was not me anymore. My identity had shifted and I was lost.

I tried to go back to my normal life. I was at work, on the outside looked bubbly and well, but on the inside really didn’t want to be here. Another message, I mishandled a piece of equipment in the studio and it dropped on my toe. My toe was broken. That was the end. I was making plans.

I recoiled and withdrew. They were dark times.

Fast forward to the end of 2014

I am now training for the New York Marathon for 2015. Each step of my training is a step into the light. I am using all my healing work on myself. I understand and appreciate the body, the subconscious mind and my heart space.

Can I do it? Absolutely yes!

Will I do it from a space of lightness and transcendence? This is what I am striving for and call on my supporters every step I take – I am documenting the journey with pics on my facebook page – you can follow me here. 

Moral of this story – asking for help is ok and taking inspired action with tiny steps can be the catalyst to big results. 

If you are resonating with this, then please seek medical advice. For me, it was a mix of physiology as well as thoughts, which created my reality. I required medical assistance but also wanted and needed the support of an earth angel who could help me find my way. I wish I knew someone like me back then – this is my catalyst to being here. This is my mission. I am available for sessions or programs. Apply here to set up a time. Blessings xx

What is consciousness?

Wow – this is a huge question!

It has been discussed since forever, even in biblical days. So I am little frightened entering this sphere of dignified gentry and accomplished scholars but here I go – I will dive in.

Am I going to definitively answer the question – no! But I am going to give you my observation and experience of what consciousness is to me.

Consciousness is a form of waking up to what is actually possible in your life.

Consciousness is:-

-seeing all parts of you as they present and working with them, no matter what.

-being present in the moment

-developing a curiosity and objectivity outside of yourself. With this you can make assessment without judgment. You experience a more objective curiosity. I love this insight for myself. It works so well.

I have been in judgment mode for a lot of my life, without realizing. Now I surrender myself to this, give myself permission to judge. With this surrender comes transcendence into an amazing vortex of awakening to pure potential. It is pretty cool – just notice and be aware.

consciousness awakening

When I began to awaken I wanted to know more. 

How to maintain this sense of being free to be me?  How to lean in to the present moment?

What other information is out there? Boy – there is a lot.

I was intrigued by the term “unconscious competence”.  It is part of a paradigm, a matrix, a personality diagnostic tool or simply a theory.

The Four stages of Competence are

  1. Unconscious incompetence
  2. Conscious incompetence
  3. Conscious competence
  4. Unconscious competence 

As I began to investigate and discuss this theory with a colleague, I heard the term “unconsciousness incompetence” for the first time.  Wow this was a big aha moment. What are we, if we continue to not be conscious? I think, personally I was asleep for a long time. I did not want to hear or know or appreciate my inner gifts. I probably was unconsciously incompetent and that’s why it was a big WTF moment.

awakening consciousnessNow what I know in my heart…

That life and living is more than just existing.

Life is about enjoying the little things.

It is wondering and philosophizing about life, engaging in the potential.

It is being in awe of nature and the beauty within.

It is appreciating the struggle and living through it without suppressing emotions, feelings.

It is an energetic loop of giving and receiving.

It is looking at every aspect of ourselves and loving our innate gifts from the inside out.

Life and living consciously is loving the lessons and embracing the shifts.

So where I am now with my work as a Healer, I am at the steps of being unconsciously competent. 

Now I would love to know where you are on this spectrum of consciousness. Comment below – we are always learning – oh boy what a ride – isn’t it magic!!

If you would like to develop your consciousness click here to find out more – I am running a workshop on Developing Prosperity Consciousness.  Click here for more information.

The Wounded Healer is Healed

Law of Attraction Freedom 2You don’t plan to be healed, it just happens.  We might hope but we never know when the penny will drop or the karmic lesson is going to release.  Trust, synchronicity and intuition – all ingredients in this healing.

I recently had the incredible unplanned delight in sitting in a workshop with the talented and generous spirited beautiful Alexandra Franzen – writer extraordinaire.

My attendance was unplanned but due to some synchronistic occurrences, I was able to attend.   Voila I sat there being mesmerized, whilst my heart was opened by genuine resolve to communicate from a heart space that is more than “the me or you” but incorporates the “we”.

I was there and I was ready to learn.

Write Yourself Into Motion

I was ready to write myself into motion, but had no idea how? But I didn’t expect that I would heal a longstanding karmic agreement. The wounded healer.


During the workshop, Alexandra demonstrated generosity and heart felt kindness with a poetry and prowess that transcended her years. There was a warmth and energy around Alexandra that felt healing.   But that wasn’t it.    It was the final hurrah that did it.

We did a lot of writing and Alexandra helped with editing. When Alexandra edited, it was like she was seeing your soul and putting your soul into words. healer

My Bio

When it came to writing my bio, I got a little stuck. This did not flow as easily as it could have. I asked for help.

Cathartic Release and Healing

I sat there patiently (not really, quite childlike – ready for something great). Boy, when Alexandra had finished, I cried, no I sobbed. It was such a release. I had been witnessed and thus my wounded healer was healed. It was a private, cathartic moment, which I will cherish.

I know that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with someone who is unbelievably talented, epically appreciative of soul speak and enticingly honest, with abundant humility.

Not only do I feel honoured by her words but humbled by the release. Being witnessed, being heard and being seen is the way forward for all us wounded healers. Today, I know I am healer and am open to source as a channel. My role as a healer is in my blood and in my cells. I totally trust and know that I am in the right place.

Thank You, Alexandra

healer, healed, wounded healer

Thank you, Alexandra – you have been what I have been waiting for. I am here and I am ready to heal.

Have you ever felt like a wounded healer?  Have done so much inner work that you are still not sure what it should feel like.  I would love to support you in the process of healing the healer within.

how our emotions can cause illness

I was interviewed by gorgeous Diana Marchand, a Healthy Eating & LIfestyle educator, Raw Food Chef, Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor.

It was a delight to share how emotions can cause illness.  Being aware of emotions and where they originate from, can be a life changer. http://youtu.be/0WVlAjC6HYc


emotions cause illness, pain, autoimmune disease, hip pain, tumors, headachesWe discuss many physical illnesses.

adrenal fatigue syndrome

pituitary tumors,

neck pain

frozen shoulder

hip pain

autoimmune disease


so much more

Hope you enjoy the interview, but more importantly gain insight into why your body is yelling at you from the inside.

The Journey

Wisdom, courage and power

Identifying your strengths and values

As the daughter of newly arrived immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and the next generation, I now realise the parallels and immersion of past with present. The very spirit that drove my parents here drives me with my entrepreneurial pursuits. Are entrepreneurs born or made? Were you born with entrepreneurial spirit?

Let me explain.

Inspirational Courage

It took inspirational courage to board a ship to an unknown land, so far way from homeland. But the strength was in making the decision. On reflection, I find this so inspiring. Communication was difficult, change was on a massive scale but internal belief and inspired action was the catalyst to move forward.

Time for Family and Tradition

It is salami making time here. Where once this was a chore, today it is a celebration of culture, tradition, family and food. Feeling privileged to be part of it. The simple, yet complex preparation, production and creating are all ingredients for success on so many levels. The banter, shared stories and celebration of the human spirit and community is rich and offers so much to my soul.

My mum was telling me how they made salamis when they first arrived in Australia.

wisdom, tradition, courage and power

the journey

Fortitude and Belief

My mum has 9 brothers and sisters and she is number 8. In Italy she was a follower. But when she arrived here in Australia she had to learn how to do things herself. Take the lead. Her younger siblings and in laws would say well how do we do that? Mum would just say “we’ll figure it out – we’ll just do and see how it works out”.   Passion and fortitude are mum’s strength.

Inspired Action

My Mum has a pioneering resolve and took inspired action and learnt by her experiences. Some wonderfully successful but some not so – just experiences to learn by.

It is amazing how that pioneering resolve, trust, belief continue within me, the next generation.

My life is much easier than my Mum’s but that same thinking outside of the box and taking action is my commitment to moving forward – just like my Mum.


Sometimes inspired action takes courage because we do not always know the outcome. But trust and perseverance always trump complacency and boredom.

Belonging, appreciating and acknowledging the mighty spirit of that first decision is awesome and I am grateful.

What inspired action are you taking? Do you recognise the entrepreneurial spirit you were born with – tell me – I’d love to know.

Healing Crystal ~ Selenite

Healing Crystal Selenite As part of my healing processes I corporate the wonderment that comes from crystal.  Crystals have so much power and can help us in our life’s transitions.

In this blog, I am introducing you to the Selenite crystal.  The Selenite crystal is also known as Satin Spar, Desert Rose and Maria Glass. Continue reading

Boundaries will make you a better you

Healthier, wealthier and seeing the abundance present in your life, daily.

Have you ever wondered why is this always happening to me? “This” can be anything. It was a question I asked myself repeatedly until very recently. Yes I’ve been enlightened and it feels great.  This week “this” has been highlighted in a profound way. Continue reading