Speaking of the business of world healing… I was sitting preparing the blessings kits for Circle. They are created for the healing and magical practices I teach. And I was thinking:

“if only we could know ourselves intimately…” 

After years of searching, I feel that this is the path forward. Knowing yourself so intimately. So your sway, veering away from the souls mission is never in doubt. This in itself dials down fear and dials up intuition. It turns out it is as simple and deep as learning  to speak to your soul. If you do, you will not get caught up in doubt or fear again. Instead, you will have certainty and steps forward become clear and vivid.

From my soul to your soul, I offer this channel . . .

Stop Screaming – I See You
Learn to untangle societal narratives
Engage with soul
Open your heart
Heal the old stories
Banish familial patterning
Insight the inner goddess
Stimulate the mind
Incite the senses
Catalyse the neuro pathways
Sensational existence
Support your mission
Cultivate the soil to enrich your steps
Illuminate with the moon
Shine with the sun
Play with cosmos
Tap into ancient wisdom
There is freedom in choices
Embrace embodied in-tuitions
Sacred, honouring and loving
Reclaim you
The world heals when you heal

Heal… Have the courage to go deep and heal. Feel free to come back to this words whenever you need. Print them out, or save them to your phone or tablet so you can make time and open the energy of healing. You can also repeat each of the sentences as affirmations. Words are powerful, in my work with magic we know this is true. If you have worked with me before, you also know this, you’ve experience it.

Will hope open the path?

In recent reflections I decided that hope for me includes:





Exploring the layers does create a new firm foundation for the future. Healing is a deeply powerful starting point for the whole of our growth process. This is my body of work. I’m proud to share it with you.

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