The 4 stages of Spiritual Transformation are:-

Breakdown, Breakthrough, Awakening, Integration


We as humans go through trauma. Defined by our perception, which creates our reality. So stuff happens. Yes?!

Somehow, the word perfectionism wants to come in here. Our perfectionist traits will steer ego to judge, criticize and be very loud when we are changing.

Any sort of change, creates some sort of trauma on a micro cellular level.  So shifting from where you are, sometimes takes a universal nudge, which can hurt a little or a lot.

So an example, of breakdown is dis-ease. Where the physical matter gives you a cellular trauma – yelling wake up from the inside. I know, may sound simplistic but I have to say that life really is simple.   Acknowledging this, is to let go and enjoy the flow. Which means letting go of all that you know and love to be true. Yep significant shifts happen when illness presents. Sad but true.

Another form of breakdown, is when you shift environments, change homes, jobs, towns, cities, countries and relationships. Yep anything that requires change is a cellular shift and creates a new reality. It may not necessarily be viewed as breakdown, but just for the sake of expressing how change affects our cellular patterning, let’s agree that this type of change causes micro level breakdown.



The second phase is breakthrough. When you have assimilated a little from the cellular micro trauma of breakdown. Your nervous system starts to relax and you begin to breathe again. Allowing the flow back in. Looking at things with different eyes. You survived. Your perception changes. You begin to share the story on a different level. Maybe even an educational level. You can see the milestone, the lesson or the magic involved in the shift. You start to walk in the paradigm and no longer feel the vortex of the paradox. You might even start to feel more aligned too.

breakthrough3. AWAKENING

Then the awakening occurs. This stage can be a little tricky. This is where I find people get stuck. If you haven’t quite experienced breakthrough fully, awakening can be rather traumatic.

Let me explain with an analogy.

Have you ever watched a baby waking up, when it didn’t have enough sleep? Yep pretty grumpy! It may cry, scream, wriggle but totally uncomfortable for the baby and for you to watch and to experience.

That’s us too as adults. (I love the way children teach us so much). If we have not assimilated from breakdown to breakthrough, cellularly, our awakening period will be long, challenging and sometimes tortured. Because we keep getting the same message but in different ways. Yep the lesson keeps coming up but we don’t listen. We ask ourselves, why is this coming up again. At this stage we have insight but we don’t know how to stop being caught up in the grumpy stage and we keep learning. This is the stage where the vortex either keeps you going round and round or replenishes you enough to metamorphosis into the new you.

Whilst I was in this stage, I used to say to my mentors and guides – I wish I wasn’t so awake because when then I would not know what was happening. Like the saying goes “ignorance is bliss” but is it? It’s true that this stage requires conscious work, with diligence and consistency. You are awakened enough to know the insights are within. But you don’t know how to step through. That’s the realization.

This was the big paradigm shift. It was for me and I see it in my clients too.

awakening4. INTEGRATION

This last step of trust leads to integration. When you trust, surrender, lean into whatever experience comes your way, it brings a peace and gracefulness that you read about and can only dream about.

It is real and it can be real for you too.

Can you skip a stage? No

But can you accelerate the process?  Yes


Seek guidance, be witnessed, trust, surrender and appreciate. Return to love.

All will be healed.

With love, Maria