20140729_110729_2Ever noticed how some people naturally seem to be more in touch with themselves, their spirit and the world around them? They glow from the inside out and seem to be able to easily manifest the life they want.

Much of this shininess comes from their attitude. Some comes from being fit and full of fresh air (in the best possible way!).   But a lot of it comes from having a high vibrational synchronicity with life.

They are absorbing the high vibrations of their surroundings and taking them on to improve energy flow through their own body. They’re in a wonderful resonance with their Universe.

How do they do it? Were they born that way? Some of them may well have been but here are some ways to help you increase your personal vibration and get more in synch with your Universe.

  1. Eat Organic foods

Foods sprayed with pesticides, herbicides and other nasty chemicals cannot vibrate at their highest possible frequency.  Make sure the food you consume is organic. Biodynamically grown food vibrates at an even higher level and has even more health promoting benefits due to Biodynamic farm management.

Don’t eat processed foods. Manufactured or processed foods are fairly much dead and don’t vibrate at all! And please don’t eat genetically modified foods – don’t be a part of that experiment!

Eat real food when it’s at its freshest or has been naturally preserved straight after harvest. Often the fruit and veg you see on the supermarket shelf were picked weeks ago and the natural vibration has decreased significantly.

  1. Humanely raised grass fed pasture fed animals

If you choose to eat meat, make sure it’s from ethical producers. The animals need to have led happy healthy lives from start to finish with plenty of pasture to roam and feed on and importantly, be free of chemicals and hormones.

Stay away from grain fed meat. Grain such as soy, corn or wheat is not what most animals would eat in the wild. Although cheap to use, the grain is part of an unnatural diet and requires the use of antibiotics and other medication to prevent disease developing and spreading throughout the herd.

Meat from happy, healthy animals that have been respected and well cared for throughout their lives is going to be of a much higher vibrational quality than meat from grain fed animals who live in feed lot misery and a chemical sea.

And if you are going to eat meat, honour the animal by ensuring as much as possible is used. Don’t just eat the prime cuts. Eat the offal (usually the most nutrient dense parts of the animal). Use the bones by making your own gut healing bone broths and definitely use the cheaper cuts for beautiful braises and slow cooked meals.

  1. Grow your own veg and fruit

If you are lucky enough have a productive food garden or even a pot with some lettuce or herbs, then you have the opportunity to pick your produce just before you eat it. While something is still growing, it is vibrating at its highest possible level. From the moment it is harvested, the vibration begins to decline.

  1. Buy local

Save on food miles – buy local! Road and air travel is hard on anyone and it’s hard on your food too, diminishing its vibrational frequency!   Locally sourced food will be usually be fresher and closer to the harvest date too.

  1. Clean Personal Care Products

Our skin is very effective at absorbing what we put on it (think about that hand cream you use every day). Personal Care products such as perfumes, deodorants, skin and hair care and make-up are often full of chemicals that build up in our system and lower our frequency. Many chemicals that are approved for use in personal care products have been shown to be hormone disrupting. If you wouldn’t eat it, don’t wear it!

Household cleaning products are often even worse, containing a cocktail of toxic chemicals. And breathing the fumes of a product can be even more dangerous than putting it on your skin.

On the other hand, using beautiful, quality essential oils or alchemical oils can be a wonderful way of assisting you to move to a higher vibrational state. Pure essential oils have the highest frequencies of any natural product and using them allows some of their power to infiltrate you.

  1. Get grounded

Increase your vibration by getting outside and on the earth in your bare feet. Stand there and appreciate the way the earth feels under you. Imagine you are growing roots out of the soles of your feet and they are growing down down; way down into the centre of the earth.  If you are especially lucky to be near a beach, walk bare feet in the sand – the combination of earthing and the ozone is magical for your personal vibration

  1. Take Sole (sol-ay)

Taking sole each morning is a lovely way to improve your vibrational frequency. Sole is a saturated mix of salt and water and you make it by taking a high quality salt such as Himalayan salt and half filling a wide mouth jar with a plastic (non –metal) lid. Top the jar up with filtered water and shake gently. Let it sit overnight. Next morning you should find plenty of undissolved salt still in the jar. Each morning before eating or drinking anything else, take a plastic, glass or wooden spoon (not metal) and place a teaspoon of sole in a glass and top up with water. Drink. This works because both the sodium and the chloride are ionised by the water and this allows them to release their stored energy and information. Your body will take on the energetic vibration pattern of the Himalayan salt and hold it for 24 hours. Drink it those good vibrations!

  1. Forgive, Love, Meditate

Forgiving will increase your vibration. Creating more love in your heart will increase your vibration. Mediation will increase your vibration. Try them all!

Is raising your vibration something you are conscious of doing? Do you have any other methods to raise your own vibration or increase the flow of energy through your body? Let us know in the comments below.


Ros Isbel writes for her website www.findyournaturalgroove.com and is the author of eBook – Natural Ways to turn Moody Kids into Happy Kids.  Pop over to the website for the latest natural health information, recipes and to find out more about how your individual body works. You’ll also find sme great music there! Learn to listen to your body and translate the subtle messages that it sends to you into information you can use to make your life as vital, full of energy and love of life as possible.