What does running have to do with alchemy?

Alchemy to me, is about transformation.  When you run, there is a moment of almost fearless and effortless transformation, hence alchemy.

Allow me to share a personal story with you. 

I used to run with the Caulfield Vets (veterans).

There were some serious runners there.

My coach wanted to test me. And he gave me this huge handicap. He was also the handicapper of the group.

So I entered the event – a 3km track run. I started 3 mins before anyone else. At this point I have to say I was comfortable at the back of the pack. These runners would lap me regularly.

Anyway, I started. I did one lap and I was lonely, I was in the lead. I did not know this feeling. Then I did another lap, I was still in front. I was in the lead! Still!!!!

I had to complete 7.5 laps.

I heard shouting from the side line – you could win this!!! Go Maria!!

Another lap, no one had lapped me. Where was everyone?

They were behind me.

I was leading. OMG!! I started to think, I could really win this. I had 2 laps to go. Still no one lapped me.

The chanting on the side lines was getting feverish.

I was like Oh my God – wow!! Then I said help and I put the throttle on, pushed the petal to the metal. I gave it all I had.

Yes!!! I did win!!

I led the whole way.

I received support from my Coach, who believed in me and my fans – Lol – but seriously with gratitude.

I won, nearly vomited on the finish line but I won. It was all worth it.

Parallels with business – YOU BETCHYA!!

I loved this moment of glory and triumph. It’s just goes to show when other people believe in you, you start to believe that anything is possible too. And then you receive evidence of it. Because EVERYTHING is possible!!!

Pic: My first ever running trophy.