What do you think of living within your limits?

Well, I was triggered last week by one of my Practitioner colleagues who was giving well founded advice.

So it got me thinking – why am I so triggered?

It was like “limits” what????!!!!!!

Do we have limits?

Sure, but do our limits have to stop us from developing further?

How do we develop skills beyond our physical parameters?

Little by little.

limiteOr in my case one step at a time.

This discussion sprung from my autoimmune health challenges.

So what do you do when your body is talking back and saying “whoa, time to take it easy and regroup.”

I am listening a lot more these days.

I feel like I am regrouping. I am waiting to regenerate vitality and energy. renewing takes time, acknowledgement, awareness and action.  This will support the process of shifting through the limits that present themselves.

You may be like me and be a recovering perfectionist where time is of the essence and immediate results are required (body and ego).

Soul wants attention. Integration happens when all elements are prepared for evolution.

So what am I doing?

Working with holistic and energetic practitioners. I am gaining more and more insights of my energetic body as well as how my physical body reacts to my thinking.

I am listening to the whispers more.

I am putting me first.

Getting reacquainted with my boundaries.

So is it important to know your limits? Yes it is.

Once you know you your limit, you can take inspired action towards expanding your energy.  so limits do not impact your health.

The lessons

Know your limits but also know you can limitless without fear and with a lot of self care and love

It is good to know your limits so that you have awareness. From this knowing you can set the ball rolling to expand your limitations and embody new parameters that support your mind, body and soul.