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Have you ever wondered why is this always happening to me? “This” can be anything. It was a question I asked myself repeatedly until very recently. Yes I’ve been enlightened and it feels great.  This week “this” has been highlighted in a profound way.

Let me share.

I got off the plane (work trip) to my gorgeous husband waiting for me. On the way home he told me that his wallet had been stolen from his car during work. He was really bummed about “this” and stressing out. Then, on the same ride home he told me that my car was no longer working and it needed major repairs. Okay – I thought stuff happens – right?

Then, on Mother’s Day my son get hit in the jaw during the football match, which has resulted in 2 jaw fractures, a loose tooth and a permanent plate.

Wow – what can I say?

Things do happen – but reeeaaally!!!

Processing – Medical Intuitive Mode

Okay then I went into Medical Intuitive mode and was looking for the lessons. The lessons are all to do with boundaries, creating a safe environment, clear goals and clear guidelines. It has to do with the people pleasing element that I have been guilty of (most of my life) – if you are a nurturer and a creative empathy – you know what I mean.  This leads to victim mentality. You know – why me? After many years of self discovery and then self acceptance – it is hitting me with a brick at the back of the head. Unless I am clear and speak my truth without fear or favour, these episodes will continue.  Can you relate? I am now old enough and wise enough to know a few things about life.  I own it fully. I contribute completely to what happens in my life. Lessons learnt

  • Sh## happens
  • How I react is my responsibility
  • It is okay to go into processing but not to stay in it
  • Learn the lesson
  • Ask for help and invest in this from someone who can give you an objective view point
  • Move on to the next goal

The clearer I am with my communication the better the universal laws are activated.

By the way – update with my gorgeous son is that he is wonderful, some follow up rehabilitation needed but all good.

Grateful for my experiences as they teach me how to be a better me.

What do you do when stuff or sh#% happens in your life? I’d love to hear from you.

If you have any pressing issues (remembering there are no issues just experiences) then reach out – book in for Medical Intuitive Session – click here to find out more.

I would love to connect with you and support you on your journey. Share your experiences – we are in this together.