I have pondered this myself many times.  Since I sell Spiritual Development, I need to know what the correlation is between a healthy spiritual practice and making money.  Below I explore the basics of spirituality in business.  Hope you enjoy it!!

How can spirituality support you in Business and help you succeed?

It seems like an obvious answer for me but let’s go with it.  In my heart it is obvious but in my thoughts I need to create a linear step by step approach to spirituality.

So here goes, if you are anything like me – you want some evidence that all this internal work and energy expenditure is going to have some dividends, profit to you and your family.

This is what I have seen with my clients.

The more open they are to receive, the more they receive.

But let’s go to the definition of spirituality first.

Definition: Spirituality to me is the God within.  The Divine SELF.  The Journey is to connect with that soul essence and then radiate it across the world as best you can.  

Have you noticed that love conquers all – including making money worries.

I hear you saying, don’t you have a skill set and an offer.  Sure!! Absolutely!  The clarity for your offer, in particular if it is a service, must come from a true belief that you can deliver the transformation.  The belief and trust that you have the skills is paramount.  Remember that when you work with the soul, you need multiple faceted approach to clear any resistance that might be present to success.

Why resistance?

That’s the biggest failure in business resistance to learn, be seen, own your skill set and ask for the sale.

The entrepreneurial journey tests this belief time and time again.  But when you build the strength from the inside/out you are indeed a force of nature.  You are impenetrable.  

Spirituality and entrepreneurship is a marriage made in heaven.  It is the support system you can trust.  It energises you.  It heals you.  It can confront you too.  All round it provides the light that you are seeking.  That is the light within.

How do you practice spirituality?

Remember to set your intention and then to pay attention to the cues and nudges.  This is the magic and the spirituality in business.  Lead rather than follow.  The only way you can do that is to build the inner strength, resilience and have the courage to show up and challenge the status quo.  Because only then will we have transformation on a wider, global and collective scale.

Seek, grow and lead from a place of integrity, authenticity, courage and power.

The secret to success is to define what it really means to you.  Spirituality and success a synonymous with love, peace and balance.

Meditation and mindfulness are two of the most common and popular spiritual practices.  It is not rocket science but it will rocket you to the next big promise from your soul to your spirit to a tangible bank account.

Embrace the God within and see your life shine even brighter.  Blessings xx

Are you ready to integrate Spirituality into your business?

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