Today I am here at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) celebrating the human spirit. The soul speaking to the body and everything in between.

You see, it’s the 2016 Melbourne Marathon Festival. The sea of humanity is vast. The emotions are flowing. The fire has erupted and extinguished.

Today dreams will be realised. Fortitude and resilience will be anchored. Unbelievable triumphs witnessed.

I am sitting here in the revelatory excitement. So many emotions. Stories from people of all ages and stages. The matrix of life unfolds before me as I listen.

A story of combating the contrasts of life by training for the half marathon

– a young lady sitting behind us sharing how she is thrilled that she beat her expected time. The 3 week training preparation “distracting her from IVF journey”.

– another woman walking up the stairs saying “why does there have to be stairs?”

– friendships made along the way

– fathers travelling with their children to support their Mum

– fathers & daughters running together.

– a life journey – congratulations to the brilliant woman who today ran her 200th marathon.

– there are women and men mustering that last ounce as they fly across the finish line

– yells

– cheers

– acknowledgement

– hugs

– waves

– kisses

Community, friends and family coming together. Supporting, cheering, witnessing. Belief, disbelief, confidence, joy, connection.

The love, the ease and grace – all present. A flood of emotions. Remembering the deep strength of achieving intentions.

Then we go back to our normal existence but for a magnificent instance we know we are heroes.

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