Living a Spirit-led life will change you forever. 

Spirit is the creating, binding force of life. Its presence is ever-loving, peaceful, secure. Living a Spirit-led life is about connecting with yourself and the whole. It’s living with that unshakable, internal guidance that marries the external higher-self guidance.

A true connection with Spirit means cutting out all external noise. That which comes from societal, familial, and scholastic narratives. They tell us the way things “should be” instead of showing us the way things can be. A Spirit-led life means detaching ourselves from all those old stories that don’t serve us and listening to that powerful yet quiet voice inside of us. It’s a whole conscious evolution paradigm.


A Spirit-led life is freeing.

You let go of expectations, judgment, and old paradigms. You free yourself from the shackles of what others told you to be true. You finally understand those stories don’t make sense anymore.

A Spirit-led life is wise.

You know what you know until you know something different, and once you know Spirit there’s no way back. Things will never be the same again. You will lift the veil, opening your mind and soul to infinite possibilities.

A Spirit-led life is anchored.

You experience a new level of understanding. You feel grounded, connected, present. It’s easier to stay focused and make decisions. You stay true to yourself and your dreams. You stay committed to your intentions taking one step at a time, trusting the path.

A Spirit-led life is supportive.

As you connect to Spirit you inevitably connect to others. You experience wholeness, happiness, peace, and you want to share it with others. You also open up to receiving, leaving behind all those societal competition narratives. You feel supported as you support others as well.


Living a Spirit-led life is like flying beyond the ordinary into an extraordinary life. 

Ready to make the shift?

Here are some simple steps to get you started.

1. Reduce the noise from outside.

Disconnect from people, places, media that replicate the same limiting stories. Become aware of your own thoughts and ask yourself: is this true? Do I want to believe this? Meditate, pray, practice your favorite rituals and ceremonies, practice a craft, journal. Whichever suits you. Your central nervous system recalibrates during these spiritual practices. You get to hear the messages from your own soul and Spirit. They are always there, but the noise is too loud until you consciously dial it down.

2. Spend 3 minutes a day connecting to your breath.

Breathing is your life force. You can start with only three minutes, but the longer, the better. There are several breathing techniques you can use if you’d like. No need to overcomplicate things, though. Just pay attention to your breath, listen to it. Don’t try to make anything happen.

3. Do a gut check before making decisions.

Trust your inner guidance. Pay attention until you know the way the soul and Spirit deliver messages. The body is usually a great barometer. It usually speaks in the form of sensations, feelings, nudges. Practice this on a daily basis, and you will never doubt yourself again. This advice comes from my Medical Intuition practice. When you trust your body, life gets bigger and better.

4. Embrace the small moments of joy.

No matter how small or insignificant they seem to you. The micro matters. It is important to recognize those microbursts of joy. We have not been conditioned to recognize, absorb or see these tiny expressions of the Divine in our lives. When you do, your world expands. You experience more contentment.

5. Set big and small goals that align with your values.

Acknowledge your small and big accomplishments. Micro and macro joy hints are signals you are on the right track. Connect these with your values. They don’t change because values are in alignment with your soul mission. Once you know these, your grounding and your future are more certain than ever.


Spirit and soul will lead you on a path of abundance.


Living a Spirit-led life is the best way to manifest your desires and be free. Develop this open communication with Spirit. Learn the language of your soul. It will take you to places you can’t even imagine and reach more than you could have asked for yourself. 

Spirit is your Higher Self. Soul lives in your cells. 

Your soul exists on all levels, it manifests in the big and the small, is in every single one of your cells. But it won’t happen overnight. It’s a practice. Commit to your practice and your world will open to more.

Transformation awaits for those who show up and show their commitment.


May the year ahead bring you the joys your spirit and soul crave. 








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