Healing Crystal Spirit Quartz

I love this crystal. It actually intrigues me and draws me into it. I develop a curiosity when I hold it and just the name is inspiring. It is called Spirit Quartz.

The spirit quartz is about merging with higher self, purification, protection, spiritual evolution and freedom from fear. Love it.

When used in meditation, spirit quartz can bring peace of mind and freedom from fear.

This is a white spirit quartz used for support of the physical healing process, and can revitalize your body’s energy systems. Incredible!

It is a stone of alignment, peace and harmony. It assists the physical, emotional, and metaphysical to integrate fully and be at peace.

I have used it in Medical Intuitive session when clients have requested clarity and support with decision-making. What direction should they be taking? What path should they be on?

How can you use the crystal?

Hold it and sit still and see what energy or messages come through your subconscious mind

Hold it in your hand and become curious about the physical reactions in your body. You may have a cellular shift or become hot or cold.

When I hold this stone, I get tingles in my hands and feet. If I hold still enough, it transpires throughout my body.

Particularly great when used in a grid – it harmonizes and aligns the energies of the other crystals.

How to choose your crystal?

I was so drawn to this stone. It is so important to trust your intuition when choosing crystals (stones). The body does not steer you wrong. You are drawn to what you need.

Next time you enter a crystal store, just go with the flow and know that the energies are calling you to choose exactly what you need for healing to occur.

After all, healing is about integrating all parts into one and coming back to zero point – heart space.

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I would love to hear from you – let me know how you use crystals by commenting below.