I’ve been creating a new body of work: healing core karmic wounds.

Unpacking and distilling the layered effects of core wounds. I wanted to share some simple observations. These core karmic wounds contribute to impostor syndrome, not feeling enough and resistance to dreaming, calling in what you truly desire.

When you have a handle on how they present, and how they feel… Then, the path going forward opens up. Lights up. 

The core karmic wounds are:

          • Shame
          • Betrayal
          • Abandonment

These can be entangled, so they take sometimes lifetimes to shift.

How can you differentiate core karmic wounds?

Shame occurs at the “I” – its internal
Betrayal occurs at the “You” – it’s external
Abandonment occurs at the “We” – its collective and very layered.

Awarenesses and consciousness grows in that order too.

First, awarenesses and growth – distil how shame presents. It is important to remember that shame has been embodied over lifetimes. With this awareness, you can consciously practice releasing shame. Not on ego level because that can be superficial. Instead at a soul level. Which is healing the karma around it.

Betrayal is next level of consciousness. Once you clear betrayal, you have the confidence to stay in your lane. Doubt becomes a thing of the past. And curiosity is applied. Comparisonitis is healed.

Abandonment is a tricky one as it is entangled with societal narratives. And connectedness to the whole. Once you create awareness of how it feels in your body, you can with experience, clear this too.

Is it that simple?

The process is complex and nuanced. By no way is it simple to clear these karmic core wounds. But I’m here to say that it is absolutely possible to dial down the intensity and grip that they can have on a soul’s evolution. It is possible to heal lifetimes on a cellular level. Embrace freedom and be fullest expression of self.

Some heavy duty clearing at multiple levels occurs doing this soul work. Sometimes unveiling that “something” that was getting in your way for a promotion, relationship, or business opportunity. Never underestimate the impact of soul work!

Core Karmic Wounds and Business?

Watch this YouTube video, and join in the conversation.


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