Truth be told we all have the  powerful healing gift of holding space. It is an inherent ability.

What does ‘holding space’ mean?

It means holding the space so that someone is seen and heard. It is a deep ability to connect. Allowing and receiving.

It is nuanced. As the energy to fix others can be very strong. But being able to hold space professionally for others is truly a healing gift. It is a sacred moment of witness. Its almost as if time is suspended and slows down so all parties experience a shift. It is thereforre a healing, a soul connection.

The energy when you are holding space is palpable. It occurs on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels of energy.


What does ‘holding space’ require?

The space holding skill set (indeed a defined skill set) developed over time includes:
  • facilitation of the group
  • Regulating central nervous systems – coregulation happens when one system is regulated and the other system is in need of regulation – they mirror and become one until they reach balance (Deb Dana writes about this in Befriending Your Nervous System)
  • Healing for trauma – both micro and big trauma
  • Active listening, no interruptions
  • Setting a safe container
  • No fixing, nothing is broken

Space holding in business?

I’ve read a few bios and entrepreneurial content that mention space holding. This is because such a gift is very useful when we work with teams, conflict-management and resolution, as well as just any people-focused activitiy.

Most people walk away from an experience of space holding feeling lighter and held. Being seen and witnessed is a powerful catalyst for healing. It opens the path for more space and more healing. Healing leads to growth, and productivity. It also allows you to build deeper, better, and stronger relationships with others.

A few things to consider while holding space:

As a facilitator you will be guiding the process. Being present and grounded in your body so that you can navigate the energies is critical to the outcome. I recommend you use grounding and boundaries as your tools to hold space in the most positive way for everyone who participates, including yourself.  

Grounding – connecting to Mother Earth so she can transmute the energies that are raised, stirred and cleared.

Grounding also includes:

Breathwork – where you take big breaths to centre and invite your life force in

Embodiment – connecting to your feet, if you are seated to your the chair, spine and getting really comfortable in your body.

Feel if there are any restrictions or pain, that needs clearing.  Clear this so you can become a sacred vessel for the energies that are about to come through.

Creating sacred space during the ritual of space holding is important. To do so, you can call in the allies for support: elements, spirit guides, etc.

There are a lot of energies that want to come into this pure space.  So fortifying the space with allies and support systems is important. This is serious in between worlds space – so respecting this is paramount to having the best outcome for all.


Where do you go from here?

Holding space is one of the tools that I teach. As you can see, it can have many applications, and witnessing your growth as a space holder is beautiful! It includes healing on many levels. Crafting and developing spiritual skills; as well as defining personal emotional quotient. Ultimately learning to master your own energy, while working with others at a spiritual and energetic level. But it is so worth it!

If you are interested in developing this and other similar skills, I suggest you consider joining my Circle program. There are also some Deep Dive Circles that happen throughout the month where you can dip your toes in magic. You will see how practical, real, and transformative becomes for you as a whole human being.

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