3 key action steps to choose YOU with Grace

There comes a time when you step up and say YES to you. Your wants, your needs and your likes. As a mum and daughter, this can be a defining moment in life. I can say now that the empowerment of saying yes to me first, leaves me feeling energetically free, spacious and feeling full, all at the same time. As a woman striving to live a life of consciousness, co-creator of all my experiences and still being of service, this is a poignant moment.

celebrating youThe emptiness, the need to please or put anyone above my needs enters my consciousness in a curious observer mode, rather than an empirical need to act. It has taken almost a lifetime to reach. Don’t get me wrong – these are still my default position. But now I recognise them.

  1. Awareness

The awareness is the key to opening the ability to be conscious to the motivation to be in the role of “martyrdom”. I know this strikes a cord in me too. What do I mean? The triggers are still there but the lucid and conscious thought process around it can lead to self mastery and authenticity that you could only imagine and then magnify it, because it sure is a sweet spot

  1. Inquiry

How is this serving I? How is my body reacting? Is this for my highest good? How does this allow me to be fully aligned?

  1. Appraisal

The answers to the questions help me determine my processing mode. If the answers come back in the positive I follow it – if they come back in the negative, there is room to change. Change itself can prove challenging. I know from experience that the challenge or resistance is ego and takes some effort. The effort is so worth it. The freedom you feel from transitioning from the state of giving everything away “prostitute” to keeping what is yours for your highest good “empowerment” is so delicious. Allowing your soul to soar and your body to do a happy dance, free and aligned to function, effortlessly and energetically in flow.

just BEI am writing this from a hotel room in the Philippines, chaperoning my Mum for 10 days. Being 77 she worries or goes into anxiety as a default position. She is my mum and needs to know where I am and what I am doing.   In the past, this would have had my inner child trying to defend herself, but this morning, something changed. As a result I was able to hold the space with love, cater to my needs and to my Mum’s needs without compromise. It felt good and empowering.

In my experience, family members are the biggest triggers. Transcending with a notion of self mastery and love is so empowering. It does take practice. The steps above are simple, create inspired action and are results based. Try them! The stages are Awareness, Inquiry and then Appraisal. Put yourself first, send love in the world and wait for the response – it is prolific and life changing.