The Medical Intuitive session was never a one off session. It is a total immersion healing experience for 12 days.

  • Including 1:1 session.
  • 12 days ongoing distance healing.
  • Post healing check in Day 1 and Day 10.
  • A channeled Crystal healing grid which creates ongoing holographic source of healing well beyond our physical time together.
  • I coach you how to use it as an ongoing spiritual healing tool.
  • You receive 1-2 crystals from the crystal healing grid – these become the touch points for ongoing healing.
  • This experience is a totally supported and a unique offering.

I’ve been to many healings over the years and I’ve not experienced anything like this before. I wanted to offer something different. Something that unites the soul and body. This takes time and connection.

So as result of the intensity and investment of time, energy and money, I offer a preview intuitive session for a few reasons:-

  • to connect and talk to your soul
  • explore the energy around the illness
  • begin the healing process
  • give clients peace of mind that the investment for the Medical Intuitive Healing is valuable
  • to find out if you and I are soul family when soul family connects – miracles are waiting

Begin here – book a 1:1 @ 30 minutes session
To explore the energies and shifts needed. To heal and provide insights.
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After our Intuitive Session, you can request a Medical Intuitive Healing Immersion Experience. 1:1 – 12 Days of full energetic support. Plus, plus, plus . . . (See above). Note you must be ready for this immersion. It is intense and requires a full bodied yes and commitment.

This combined experience should only be considered by those who are really struggling with their health.

I know when I was unwell, facing uncertainty, I hired a Medical Intuitive and it was the best thing for my healing. They provided insights that I could not see. This is healing on the spiritual plane which supports the physical to heal with dignity and grace.

If you know of anyone who needs this intensive support, then please share.

In summary – here is the the process
All clients screen me and my processes by having an Intuitive Session.

Then . . . If required we enter the Medical Intuitive sphere of healing.

For all those who are struggling with their health and want answers beyond the scope and realm of existing medical practices, I see you.  The Medical Intuitive Immersion Experience supports those who have recently been diagnosed with chronic illnesses and require a spiritual path forward. Gaining insights and navigating to the source of the illness.  I’ve been gifted a way to see beyond the normal parameters, to serve you to better health and well-being.

If you have any questions, email me at

My clients experience spontaneous healing, peace of mind, confidence in their ability to choose direction in treatment, empowering communication and a bonus relationships improve.

If you know anyone recently diagnosed with autoimmune disease or cancer, please share.