How a Vibrational Tune Up Helped Create a Successful Launch

I had a client come to me for a vibrational tune up. She was in the middle of a launch and we cleared some beliefs that lead to an increase in client attraction.

People come to see me at all stages of business and this particular client was in the middle of a launch for a new product.

The client had put all their ducks in a row before they came to see me. They had hired a coach for systemisation, they’d hired a coach for copy writing. Everything seemed to be set up and ready to receive customers. Everything was systemised, they knew how many clients they needed to get.

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From a left brain trained perspective it was all clear and ready.

I was privy to the launch process, before we got on the call, and I felt in the energy of the emails that came through – I thought to myself “she doesn’t believe it – she does not believe in herself”.

When I asked my higher power and her higher power, I realised she wasn’t going to get the sales.

It wasn’t going to go through as anticipated.

I asked her how she was going and she confirmed she wasn’t getting the sales.

Being intuitive, I know those things, I get downloads.

She was really struggling with having to achieve the number of intended sales.

In our Vibrational Tune UP we cleared a lot of limiting beliefs.


I questioned it, are these beliefs true? What is true?

Clearing beliefs can be as easy as – saying I am now clearing old beliefs.

But the first part is being aware – what they are?

And we only clear when we’re ready to clear and we can see what we need to clear.

You know what you know until you know something different.

So it’s about going through the process of where that belief actually came from.

We get to the source of the belief system.



Once we clear that from your cells your soul can shine again.

That’s what happened with her.

What she did on the call and the way she had shifted on a cellular level were releasing.

After the call, when enquiries came through, she was able to enter conversations from pure heart, not from a fear base.

Coming from pure heart and a desire to see how she could see how she could be of service to her clients.

And that was a paradigm shift. An energetic (vibrational) shift that will help in her business always.


A shift of sacred generosity, so the entrepreneur can say “yay, here I am, this is what I can do”
And from that – she is flying

She’s on her third launch now – I’m so excited for her, her business and the people she can help as a result.

Maria Davis is a Medical Intuitive and Prosperity Coach who helps women in transition and are experiencing transformational shifts, ie: old patterns running the show, self limiting beliefs, anxiety, physical and emotional pain.

She works with entrepreneurs who are ready to launch themselves into the world with product, service or online course.   If you want to be seen, be visible and be noticed, then Maria’s Vibrational Tune Up Session is a must. Vibrate at a frequency with permission to become “the attractor factor”. 

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