I was listening to a guided meditation this morning and this phrase got my attention – you are your own archaeological dig. The author was referring to the self exploration process that creates your own self mastery. Getting to know yourself better each time you dig.


Dig what? you ask!

Dig deep to find the real You!

Over time a lot of us have got lost with familial societal expectations – we have forgotten what we expect of ourselves. We compromise, we please others first, we forsake ourselves for the sake of Harmony. Our wake up comes in the form of dis-harmony or dis-ease. This is called an awakening process. Where self realisation become self actualisation. Unless you dig deep, dust off some dirt, trust that there is treasure below, we will not get to the gold.

The treasure that shines. The YOU who glows. Speaks truths. Enjoys their own company and is free of dis-ease.

tresIs it simple? Yes and No


Make a decision

Ask for help

Listen for guidance

Be open to receive


Challenging and icky emotions come up to be felt and cleared, which can cause energetic depletion before energetic enhancement is achieved.

Patience is required

Overall, by digging and washing away the stories, the sins, the karmic lessons, then comes consciousness, strength and enlightenment. In this state you can support others with a nobility and integrity which will energise you and energise others.

So go Dig your own archeological self – there are many parts of you which need to be uncovered and celebrated.