It wasn’t until a few years ago that I found out I was an Empath.  It was a huge light bulb moment and I felt that I had come home.  I just felt validated and a true essence to the core.  It was an amazing feeling to put a name and a skill to this quality I have lived with my whole life.

photo-1421809313281-48f03fa45e9fWhat does being an Empath mean?

That you were born with highly attuned mirror neurons.  It is a physiological trait and a birth asset.  One we can use to be present, sensitive and supportive in this very chaotic world.  We are so needed at the moment.  The world is in transition.

The mirror neurons is the key to the physiology.  Because as Empath, we feel what others are feeling, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We are sponges.  If someone feels sad, anger, joy, anxiety, we experience this.  We start feeling this way.

Growing up as an Empath

From when I can remember, I was labelled sensitive or crybaby.  I could sense other people’s feelings, grounds were an issue, loud noises or over sensory stimulation of any sort would create a feeling of wanting to recoil.

As a child, I would cry easily.  Watching TV, seeing someone cry or really any emotions, I would simply take them on board.  It was unsettling but it was the way I was and I thought that there was something different about me.


Then I went to work in a corporate job, and I was labelled too sensitive there too.  Had no idea that this was something I could manage or learn to live with, in bliss and harmony.

It was always energetically draining.

I even suppressed so much that I became clinically depressed, numb to the outside world because it was too hard.

Until I started to channel into this amazing gift and use it everyday for the service of others.  It turns out that it is a rare phenomenon.  Only 20% of the population are Empaths and use this gift to shed light in the world.  This was super exciting to find out.  Woohoo – there was nothing wrong with me I was gifted.

Intellectually this was very hard to appreciate.  Everyone is the same – we are all gifted.  But, I know now, that, being an Empath is a precious asset that I can use to save the world – the world that is my world.

As a supersensitive Empath, I became a Medical Intuitive.

I am able to read bodies and feel the pain of others, highlighting that yes it exists and the reasons why it is being persistent.  Yes, pain is a message.  Dis-ease is some sort of cellular mis-information.  Until you name it, respond to it and then release it – it does persist.  Starting with a whisper and ending with a shrill scream.

Denial is the first port of call – I know – I have been there, done that.  But really if we follow the 3 steps of naming it, respond to it (meaning taking action) and then releasing the pain – it is a melody and a dance which accomplishes so much.  Essentially a blissful physical and emotional reverence that is mutually exclusive to the presence of pain.


So if you are a healer, bodyworker or coach – of service to others, maybe you could be an Empath too.

I am so passionate about sharing the journey that I have created a 6 week Ecourse, Energetic Boundaries. In the course, I share the 5 pillars and how to thrive as an Empath. View this very special trait as a gift. Enjoy it. Engage with the skills and attribute of being an Empath. Embrace the gift.