The Number One Limiting Belief Holding Us Back in Business

The number one limiting belief which holds us back from shining our light as an entrepreneur is:

“I’m not enough”.

How it presents in your thought patterns can be different so it may not show up as those words.

You may have had these thoughts along the way.

Who am I to bring this out in the world?

Or having resistance to getting out there visible and being seen.

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What sorts of things could I do that would help me feel enough?

Look for opportunities around you to know that you are enough.

Look at the smile in your children’s eyes when they look at you.

Feel the hug from your best friend.

Be generous with your smile, and be able to receive smiles from other people.

Accept compliments, as you come across them.

We negate a compliment with saying “I can’t possibly be all that” or similar.

I want to share one of the things I learnt when I was eighteen, from my Bulgarian co-worker, her name was Bambi and she was in her sixties.

She said to me “Maria, always accept a compliment with grace.”

It’s not something that we might be brought up to do – be seen and shine. So how can we be complimented?

Accept the compliments because that gives to the giver. They actually receive too, it’s the energetic loop – they give a compliment, it’s nice to have it received.

Who are we not to gracefully receive?

Know that we are the essence of love.


Because of where we come from.

It’s pretty difficult to CREATE a human being. So if we go to the purity of the human being and the mechanism of the human body – how amazing are we as cellular beings!

AND then we have this other amazing part of us, which is our soul – that we can talk to.

That is pure magic

Just the essence of who we are.

God does not create junk.

Who are we not to honour ourselves?

God does not create junk, or honouring the light within.

They used to be all just paradigms that I did not understand, but when you sit in our own truth and look at your children like I did, as a Mother.

Look at all children, they just beam light.

We are those children.

And we are the crusaders for our children.

We are the change makers.

So if we don’t shine how can they possibly shine?


If you don’t believe it in your heart, do it for the kids. Act as if.

Act as if works, it’s really a mindset changer, a game changer.

When you act as if – it really does land in your cells. It’s pretty cool.

Looking for the opportunities to show ourselves that we are enough, we are not junk and we can ‘act as if’ will help us become shiny, happy business people.

Bring your gifts and talents, let everyone see, help and be of service, embrace your essence of love.

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